And So Many Go Without Treatment

I recall in Post-Traumatic Disorder in Fiction I wrote, amongst other things, about the trope in much of fiction called “There Are No Therapists.”

Here is Abstruse Goose‘s take on the experiences of Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation (I’ve stacked the panels for readability on my blog; the original has the much better layout of 3×3):

The last panel somewhat reminds me of what I always think is going through the mind of my various bartenders over the years when I give them the first-appointment recounting of my early life and the insanity that followed therewith. But there are always people with worse problems.

I think some of Picard’s trauma was dealt with in one of the later Star Trek movies. And generally, his reaction to his experiences were sometimes also shown. And he had some off time after, ah, “The Best of Both Worlds”. So I don’t usually consider the trauma of Picard to be a bad portrayal; not ideal, but not bad.

I also want to hug him a lot. Partly because he’s gone through such a lot of bad shit. But also because he’s bald, older, and cute. (Not the only type of person I like; I like androgynous folk too, but any baldness probably emphasizes that aspect of just about anybody. Or I just like bald people. I dunno.)

Abstruse Goose is now on my roster of RSS-subscribed webcomics.