And Also Experiments

I’ve watched the The Nostalgia Critic for past week or so, and one episode I do enjoy is his snarking of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

One of the things I love is that the material he’s commenting upon has pretty much zero to do with almost every other “real” holiday. And it’s so awful that one is surprised and absorbed into the awfulness rather than any other aspect.

I don’t know why I risked watching this, when I don’t actually talk about the capital-C-word due to empirically established evidence that it will trigger me. Probably out of morbid curiosity, and because Nostalgia Critic always makes me laugh.

Here’s the full-length episode, which I strongly suggest you watch, even outside of the holidays.

I love the song at the end of the episode, so here’s the YouTube clip of it so I can come back and admire it.

The lyrics:

Santa Christ, Santa Christ,
We all love Santa Christ!
He is Santa and Jesus,
God damn, he’s Santa Christ!

He atoned for all our sins
But he also likes pancakes.
He saved puppies from a fire
And he also likes pancakes.

He played bass on Aerosmith,
Reads to sick orphans too.
He goes surfing in space,
And makes really good fondue.

He shoots lasers from his eyes,
Mends your curtains for free.
He’ll fight monsters for fun
And hang out with Mister T.

Santa Christ, Santa Christ,
Santa Christ, Santa Christ!
You are the best and
We love you, Santa Christ!

Also Santa Christ has a rocket ship. Because he is awesome. He is nothing, nothing, like you know the dude part of the capital-C-word.

Ah. I love this episode so much.