On Packages

So if you’ve read my previous entry you know that I have a difficult time dealing with the mail.

That made me think a bit more, for instance, why do I not mind packages? Gods know that UPS and FedEx stop by my house every couple of days on most months, because I buy a lot of basic things online, alongside the tea.

Probably the difference is that the packages I’m happy with are deliveries that I expect to a rather precise degree: I get them because I’ve ordered them or someone tells me they’re sending me something. I often have a tracking number. I know when they’re going to come.

The mail, on the other hand, is just so full of random crap on mysterious schedules.

My mail and my packages also get delivered to different spots, so that helps.

Needless to say, “surprise” packages are not terribly welcome. I have never gotten one, and it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for anyone to send one (and it’s why I’ve never publicized my Amazon wish list). I’m happiest with a gift certificate so that I can order things myself, and know when they come, and suchlike.

I’m going to go quiver some more in bed now. The trembling is kinda bad (it started maybe half an hour ago, hasn’t stopped yet).

Oh, the PTSD funhouse.