Echo Bazaar: Short Nightmares Status

As I explore the various nightmare storylines in Echo Bazaar, I’ve been keeping a private nightmare journal on PB Works. I still see new nightmare cards, which is quite nice.

Why explore nightmares? Well, partly because of the storyline, and partly because some nightmares will also raise stats (while also raising nightmares, which aren’t so easily lowered if you don’t have a high level in at least one stat). The more interesting nightmares can also raise minor stats like Ruthless, Hedonist, and Magnanimous; and a few higher-level nightmare cards can even give you Sudden Insights and other intangible items.

Many nightmare cards are red-bordered, or autofire, cards, but as you get further along in some storylines, you’ll start to run across normal-bordered nightmare cards with more choices. It may also be the case that some nightmares will only become interesting if you have specific stats; and as I’m pretty unbalanced stats-wise (Watchful maxed, Persuasive in the 80s, Dangerous and Shadowy in the lower 20s) that may cause some of my nightmares to be, well, rather boring.

Anyways, what I’ve seen thus far:

Dreaming Strange Dreams: A Game of Chess

The newest nightmare storyline, it may turn out to be as complex as Recurring Dreams: Is Someone There?. I’m currently at level 9, and have seen 10 unique cards, four of which aren’t autofire. Here, every stat (Watchful, Shadowy, Dangerous, Persuasive) gets a chance to be increased.

The Chess storyline also has a unique opportunity for players who aren’t involved in Knife-and-Candle to increase a certain very special minor stat.

Recurring Dreams: Death by Water

I’m at level 6, and have only seen 5 unique cards. The stats increased are usually Shadowy or Dangerous.

Recurring Dreams: Is Someone There?

The most complex nightmare storyline I know of, I’m currently at level 12 and have seen 16 unique cards. Seven of them aren’t autofire, but they usually have fewer options than the non-autofire Chess ones. Stats increased are almost exclusively Watchful or Persuasive.

Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead

I’m at level 5, and have only seen 2 unique cards. No stats increased thus far.

Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon

I’m at level 4, and have only seen 3 unique cards. No stats increased thus far. However, having this nightmare in hand when you do go insane does have a (slight) effect.

I’m tempted to start raising the hell out of either Shadowy or Dangerous to see if Death by Water improves, but Burial of the Dead and The Fire Sermon seem disappointing.

4 thoughts on “Echo Bazaar: Short Nightmares Status

  1. I’ve been advancing The Fire Sermon just at random (I’m at 7) and yeah, it’s not anywhere near as interesting as the others sound. Maybe I’ll abandon it for one of the others, or just go mad sometime when I don’t have any good cards in hand.

  2. I suggest either Is Someone There? or the Game of Chess dream for replacement. :) The Game of Chess is my best recommendation for everybody. Is Someone There? is still complex, but I think it’s more for someone who’s taken the Watchful/Persuasive track.

  3. I have really enjoyed reading your blog about Echo Bazaar, even if I am somewhat behind!

    Definitely agree with you about complexity of the Game of Chess dreams: I’m around 12 on that at the moment and so look forward to each new card. I don’t think there actually *is* any more Is there Someone There cards for me, which is mildly upsetting. Have you got into the Mirror Realms yet? (My watchful’s nowhere near high enough, but it’s definitely a goal!)

  4. Pinstripeowl,

    Yup! I got there by having Unaccountably Peckish, getting the well card and looking down the well, and ended up there instead of in the insanity hotel.

    I look forwards to getting there again, if I can. It’s quite exotic and there are a lot of cards.

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