The Arrival of Ike

Ike arrived today, and what you see on the Amazon page is what you get, except for the bow, but that’s probably fine for most people’s purposes.

As you can see from the picture, Ike is a he.

His dimensions are measured as about an 8″ cube, but that’s only when you fold up his arms and legs. When standing, he’s 15″ high. But he prefers to sit.

Here is Ike, next to Overcow.

Volume-wise and snuggability-wise, they’re about the same. Ike has curly fur, sort of Rex-like, and has a body that follows the more traditional “teddy” type of stuffed toy. He is in some ways a more gentle hugger than the Overcow (who doesn’t fear snuggling back at all).

I’m not entirely sure why the Gund folks named him Ike. Does he bear much resemblance to the 34th President of the United States?

Well, maybe.

Anyways, he’s taking point, as Commuting Cow.

Bad news from eBay, though: apparently there were never any 2007 Mooly Cows to distribute. Paypal has not yet refunded me my money (they say they will; the seller already has issued it, but Paypal’s dragging its feet). Still, I’m glad that I’ll get a refund and not the wrong cow.

But we still need a cow at the office!