5 thoughts on “NO.

  1. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    (One yes was too short for the spam filters, and it is an affirmation worth repeating)

  2. Someone really did not.

    I suspect they’re going to spam more people, though. It seems to just be a general Father’s Day “hey it’s coming up on Father’s Day, and I see you blog about your father a lot! Let’s link up together and totally get a Father’s Day theme going!” … thing.

    Ho boy. And I’m one of the nicer people afflicted with “my father was an abusive asshole”-itis.

  3. Jesus wept. And I thought I was clueless. Some people just go through life perpetuating evil.

    Time for Overherd to kick into high gear. *ponders vision of cows in high gear*

    Just point them in the direction of your correspondent.

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