Day 8 with the Overcow

So apparently I’m going to end up collecting a small Overherd. I don’t mind this.

I woke up in the morning with… well, it’s hard to describe. Wake up with normal dreams (as normal as they can get, anyways) and then juxtapose it with the feeling that you get after waking up from one of your most horrible nightmares.

This probably sounds awful to people, and… well, it is, but it is much better to just have the feeling than to have the feeling and the imagery to root it into your frontal cortex for the rest of the day.

The Overcow was still in my arms, so good job done with hanging onto her.

Ike accompanied me on the ferry, and actually into the office. It was somewhat a busy day, and might have been productive if I were able to concentrate. I did not get to hug Ike for most of the day when the feelings got worse, and was more or less relieved at the end of the day when I could pick him up again.

I went home earlier than I usually do, by about two hours. And now I will hug Ike and the Overcow and eat baked potato bits and sleep. Or at least, sleep after I run down my actions in Fallen London.

We’re hoping that these two will join the Overherd:

Large Round Cow will be the tank and Cozy Cow will be travel liaison. (Names. I’m not that great at them when it comes to things in my life. If I had a cat, there’s a strong chance I would end up calling it “Kitty”. Heavens and hells forfend I name children.)

5 thoughts on “Day 8 with the Overcow

  1. Things that matter get more than one name. It’s not that one of them is the ‘real’ name, but that none of them are less real than the others. Mount Everest, Chomolangma, Great Mother, are all the same mountain, just as Georgia Strait and Salish Sea are the same waters. And my cat is named Skookum and answers to Kitty as readily as to Skooks.

    Your herd grows and prospers. Yay!

  2. Natalie L.,

    Army of Cows somehow seems like it would be a good movie to me. :D


    I didn’t know Mount Everest had multiple names. And supposedly cats have secret names for themselves. T.S. Eliot said so.

  3. My alligator on the style of the Cozy Cow is the Pillowgator (he unfolds into a pillow! He refolds into a gator!), but I’m not sure Pillowcow has the same ring to it. Pillcow? That makes it sound rather like it’s there to deliver pharmaceuticals.

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