Day 13 with the Overherd

Well, unfortunately for me, I lost hold of the Overcow. I woke up from nightmares and discovered her on the floor. I took her back in my arms, fell asleep again, woke from nightmares again, found her on the floor again.

Sigh. If I could just hang onto her… The rest of the Overherd is quite comforting, but she is apparently the lynchpin. And it’s not like I have toss-and-turn nightmares/dreams.

Anyways, off to work with Ike, and leaving Overcow and Cozy Cow to talk battle plans, if they ever do.

4 thoughts on “Day 13 with the Overherd

  1. Dunno if this would help or not, but if you were to wear an extra-large tee shirt to bed, you could tuck Overcow inside so that she rests on your tummy.

  2. It’s a thought. I don’t like sleep shirts though. (I usually sleep in tank tops. It’s the lack of things enclosing the neck….)

  3. Tank top might work just as well. Give Overcow a bit of breathing room, poking her head out from the neckline.

    The base idea is to keep her right with you. So if you can do that, without yourself feeling unduly restricted or bound…

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