Day 14 with the Overherd

Last night, Large Round Cow arrived. More on her later, but suffice to say, she’s quite a lot of cow. (I believe she’s only cleared to be a pillow and not a toy, but she is of a retiring and serious nature, and wouldn’t do well with children.)

This morning was fortunate in the no dreams department. I’m pleased, even if I feel a little hollow inside due to the upcoming holiday.

Last night’s setup was made possible by the LRC ((After the fashion of “Large Hadron Collider” except with a cow.)); I had her snuggled up to me on one side, and Cozy Cow snuggled up on the other side. This took some arrangement so that LRC was less likely to roll off the bed, but it worked! Overcow was still next to me in the morning, her apparent fall in the night stopped by either Cozy Cow or the LRC.

Ike remains on top of the wedge, more or less.

It was a good night, although I did think about getting another cow of some sort to rest my feet on. But good enough for now.

Let’s see if this party can hold it together through the weekend’s dungeon module.

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