The Arrival of Large Round Cow

Large Round Cow (or, as I like to think of her, LRC, similar to the initials for Large Hadron Collider) arrived from Squishable a couple days ago and has managed to change my sleeping life again by serving (with Cozy Cow) as a sort of night guard. A little more on that.

Anyways, here’s the Overherd now.

You can see that LRC is quite a fitting name. She is epic in size compared to the rest of the Overherd, though not as epic as some stuffed animals I’ve seen.

Here she is in her full glory:

A close-up of her schnoz reveals a different texture than seen on most stuffed animals: it’s a tough knitted surface, still quite soft and squishy, but definitely different.

A close-up of LRC’s fur, which is, like Cozy Cow’s, a soft and fluffy chenile. LRC has slightly longer fur than Cozy Cow. Like the rest of the Overherd, LRC has interesting ears that are nice to feel between fingers and turn inside out and back.

And now for LRC’s feets, which amuse me, but are perfect.

And LRC’s behind as she moons us:

I quite love her. And she is indeed very squishable, every part of her.

ETA: Thanks to Chris v C-B for the recommendation!

2 thoughts on “The Arrival of Large Round Cow

  1. Woah! That is one large, round cow. I had been picturing something more like my round elephant stuffie, which, in comparison, is merely a medium round elephant.

  2. Squishable sells lots and lots of large round animals. They also sell some animal-shaped animals, including a 3-foot (!) sea turtle. O.O

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