Day 18 with the Overherd

I feel like I’m enacting that one scene from Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! where Carrot and Nobby are trying to manipulate and pose Colon in various ways such that they can achieve a “1 in a million” chance of him firing an arrow through a dragon’s vulnerables. Because “1 in 999,978” never happens, but “1 in a million” always does.

I had what I would hesitantly call good dreams, although to others these may simply be boring dreams. No nightmares of any kind, even this close to y’know, the day. I mean, on the day. Practically.

Configuration was:

  • halfway up the wedge (but not all the way up)
  • LRC on right side of bed, near window
  • Cozy Cow on left side of bed, near door, in Pillow Form
  • both the Overcow and Ike in my arms

Favorite Hugging Positions for the Overherd

Large Round Cow: squeezing around her voluptuous waist, holding one of her front feet in my hand. It’s a very squeezable and comfortable-to-hold foot for some reason. Almost all the Squishables have the same type of front foot, and it must be some sort of intentional design.

Cozy Cow: I prefer hir in hir Pillow Form, so I can lie down with my head and one hand partly on hir back. It’s rather simple, and is something I use for comfort when I woke up in the morning and ARGH.

Ike: I have many favorite types of hugs with Ike, but usually I like holding him so that his front legs drape over my forearm.

Overcow: Best snuggled with her belly facing me, which is unusual out of the Overherd. She also rests on my tummy and chest quite nicely, in a somewhat catlike manner, except that she’s much more malleable about whether I can get up whenever I want.