Day 21 with the Overherd

It’s really weird. Yesterday was pretty bad, especially in the want-to-kill-myself and work-hates-me departments, FatherLessDay is still pretty recent, July 4th is coming to eat me, and yet I still didn’t have bad dreams.

The Overherd is amazing.

This morning I woke up okay, but I still want to kill myself. I’m trying to decide which of the following will result in more intense suicidal tendencies:

  • Take a possibly PTSD-triggering holiday oncall.
  • Degrade my reputation at work in asking for too many oncall swaps, especially with a long holiday.

Decisions, decisions.

Personally I think my odds are better with the first option. For July 4th weekend, I have no backup, so if I off myself early into the oncall, I’m pretty sure something will go into critical failure without an oncall to take care of it.

I don’t care very much about myself. But I do care about the system and customers. There’s more motivation to hang on, you see.

Decisions… decisions.

2 thoughts on “Day 21 with the Overherd

  1. A lot of us would be saddened if you left.

    And yes, professional ethics are a good thing. It’s like an auxiliary spine, that holds one up even when one is under a heavy load.

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