Life is Suddenly Better

I got my on-call swaps!

As it turns out, someone was as desperate as I was. I planned a little better.

So: July 4th weekend, I will be spending time with my calming meds, calming music, and Mushi-shi. And not with the pager, cheap white wine, and sleeping pills.

Hopefully I can get even better so that when fall rolls around, I won’t get steamrolled by the category-4 and category-5 holidays (I’ve now decided I should put them into categories, like tropical storms).

5 thoughts on “Life is Suddenly Better

  1. Yay! o/

    I know that sometimes perspective is hard when one haz Depression, but don’t be hatin’ on yourself just because you’re not sunshine and roses after That Day. It doesn’t help when dork-wad pharmacies give you generics, that crap’s happened to me sooo many times too! Anyway, I hope you know people care about you. <>

  2. Yay for swaps!

    You came through this last one really well (best ever, right?) because you have collected more coping techniques. That is to your credit.

    And I think we are justified in hoping you’ll be even better by fall, because every could-have-been-a-new-trauma-but-wasn’t event is one less trauma piling up on you. That is, traumatic experience is traumatic experience even when it happens inside your head, and I think part of the problem so far was that new traumas arrived as fast as you could process through old ones, so you couldn’t reduce the pile.

  3. elsie_at_ease, thank you.

    hazeldazel, thank you. Also, I now have my For Real Lamictal. I think it can be agreed all around (and definitely by my candyman) that I’m not a gal for generics where the bipolar is involved.

    pericat, thank you. I always kind of sucked at picking wines. I’m still on sweet ones….

    Wogglebug, thank you. Yeah, summer and the winter holidays are always something of a triple-whammy for me. They always have been. Winter trauma is much worse, though. Sigh. Hanging onto Overcow.

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