Day 27 with the Overherd

This morning’s slight casualty was Large Round Cow, who was trying out the “door” side of the bed and rolled off during the night. Cozy Cow in hir Pet Form was on my right and fine. Hum.

These mornings, if I wake up on a little panic, it’s because the number of cows I can see is less than four. It’s always a relief to find them again.

Today wasn’t quite so awful on the PTSD scale, although my supply of spoons ((Google “spoon theory.”)) runs low regardless. There was a moment when it got rough, though, so I still need Ike.

Later, work kept me busy and kinda worried about other things. Although this time I would have preferred failing a PTSD check.

I’m a little worried about seeing the Toy Story movies again, now that I have my cows… the Pixar WHAM never fails to get me. Not even during Cars.

3 thoughts on “Day 27 with the Overherd

  1. It sounds like the ideal thing to form a Cow Paddock would be a raised rail next to your bed. Would it be helpful to put a chair with its back to the bed to serve that function?

  2. A Paddock sounds scary to me. I always disliked rails, I’m not sure why, perhaps they made me feel trapped. But it would be convenient to keep cows from falling off the bed.

    Cozy Cow and Large Round Cow are very good at being fuzzy cows that browse the bed. :) Ike is more sedentary, and is happy accompanying a programmer to a job that doesn’t require much moving around.

    The Overcow remains inscrutable.

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