Day 31 with the Overherd

Last night (or rather, this early morning) went better than the previous night (or whatever). Ike on top of the wedge, Cozy Cow near the door, Large Round Cow near the window, the Overcow in my arms. And no nightmares.

I think I had a boring dream, but these days when I wake up, surrounded by cows, I don’t remember them. Possibly it wa actually a bad dream, but I don’t seem to remember those either.

Perhaps I’m surrounded by a herd of black-and-white furry horned big-nostriled Baku. ((Mythical animals that eat dreams. Or possibly just graze on them. They look a bit more like strange, primative elephants than anything else.))

I didn’t wake up afraid. Not having oncall probably helped in that direction. Maybe Friday was the worst of it, and I’ll be okay now?

Well, I hope so. I currently waver between ravenous and nauseous, which I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

The other aspect is depressive sleep, as in my other coping mechanism wants to kick in—be unconscious for as long as possible. It unfortunately has a limit, so isn’t as effective as one would hope.