Day 35 with the Overherd; with Short PTSD Update

This is late, but I was a bit furious in the morning, and I can only type so quickly with my thumbs during the ferry commute.

The Overherd is quite comforting. We find that Large Round Cow on the door side of the bed results in the most security, as she is the Tank of the party. Cozy Cow guarded the window side full well and did not fall off.

I am not totally sure how the Overcow and Ike work out the time-sharing thing. I had fallen asleep last night with the Overcow in my arms, and woke up with Ike. Absolutely no idea how that happened. I sometimes wonder if the Overcow and Ike fight over me (a la Woody and Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story), but probably it’s just because night agitation of the bed affects the smaller cows differently. Or something.

Speaking of Toy Story, tonight I also took Ike to the local cinema to watch the new sequel. And damn. Pixar delivered as always. And they’re getting even better at tugging heartstrings. They really must love our delicious tears.

(Also, this is the first Pixar movie I’ve seen where hell is so… well depicted.)

I wish they could make a ton of Toy Story shorts. I don’t always need cinematic OMG in my stories, and I would be happy to watch a series where it’s just the gang playing around. I’m also a little bit startled about toy ethics in Toy Story—that a toy’s life is about being there for the owner more than simply the playing (although the playing is quite enjoyable). It makes me feel better about the Overherd, because while I don’t play cinematic storyscapes in my head like young Andy does, nor improv like Bonnie… well, we’re rather mellow here, and are mostly about the quiet reading and company, I suppose. And that would still be satisfying to a toy; or at least, certainly better than getting chewed on by tots.

One other thing. I forgot that getting my heartstrings tugged on by Pixar brings on a corresponding wobbling of my nature in a larger context. So I am off to take the rest of my meds and read, surrounded by cows.

The PTSD is slowly dying down. I think I can start enjoying tea again; today I noticed the smell of Bigelow Earl Grey wafting down the hallways, which is a good sign. And I definitely have more spoons today than in previous days, so hoorah!

4 thoughts on “Day 35 with the Overherd; with Short PTSD Update

  1. That sort of makes me want to map the rest of the herd to party positions for adventuring. Would Cozy Cow be more of a D&D cleric (buffs but also effective in combat), or more like a WoW druid? Doesn’t really strike me as the WoW priest type, being far too–well, yes, squishy, but not “keels over in combat” squishy.

  2. Cozy Cow strikes me more of a D&D cleric; but then again, I don’t play WoW (because I would never stop if I did :)) so I don’t know the WoW classes.

    I don’t know about the other two. The Overcow is Very Serious Cow, and also the leader of the party. She’s not a Tank but still seems Warrior-like. Ike is very not serious cow, and sometimes I imagine he’s a Bard. (That would explain, actually, a lot of the conflict.)

  3. …and now I’m sort of picturing them as filling the slots of the characters from The Order of the Stick. Is the Overcow a Roy sort of cow?

  4. Aaah… yes, the Overcow has distinct similarities to Roy, as well as being “straight cow.” Even shy Large Round Cow has a less abashed sense of humor.

    (Hm. I guess, even though I don’t outwardly play with my cows much, I think about them in my head… personalities and everything.)

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