Day 36 with the Overherd, with Short PTSD Update

Yeah, so. Last night my PTSD came back, briefly really, but it hit rather hard. Pixar does their work very well… Toy Story 3 is, apart from The Incredibles, one of the most intense films that they’ve put out, and the fact that the original Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were among the first movies I watched after the violent split with my parents, there was some feedback and resonance going on.

So I threw up and couldn’t sleep due to nausea. I did finish a very good book, and the PTSD appears to be gone now (KNOCKS ON NIGHTSTAND), and I’m enjoying life and food again. As it was an unconventional night, I parked the smaller cows on top of the wedge and spent the half-mumbly morning running my hands through the soft chenille fur of Large Round Cow and Cozy Cow. I lay on or hugged Cozy Cow during the first part of the day, when I couldn’t stand much pressure against my stomach. (Or food. Or water. Sigh.)

The rest of the day, when I could eat something, I spent just hugging Large Round Cow. I tried to work (from home), but it’s hard to do so after a bad kind of night. I don’t have much hopes for tonight being normal, as I’m night oncall, so I can’t take the full complement of medication… sigh.

I’m going to go back to running my hands through chenille now.