The Arrival of Lulu

I didn’t know if she was going to make it—I tend to not have the greatest luck with eBay purchases—but here she is!

Lulu is part of the now defunct Scrubby Buddies line from Bath & Body Works. She’s tiny, but spirited! I think she has the most grin ounce per ounce out of the Overherd.

For scale, we scroll back a little:

(For the record, Ike does bartend in the dark of the night, but usually manages to get into the action somehow. That’s where he usually starts. You would think he couldn’t get into my arms from there. You’d think.)

Lulu is meant for the shower and possibly bath, not the bed, so I guess she’s more of a solo character. She’s made out of terry cloth all over with a scrubbie-cloth stomach:

You can hang her up by her tail after thoroughly squeezing excess water from her. I guess she likes it rough. For all that, however, she’s surprisingly huggable for short periods of time, and as long as showers are less hellish, I will be happy.

7 thoughts on “The Arrival of Lulu

  1. She’s named Lulu because that’s what her tag said she was named. ^.^

    I’m not very good at naming my cows. Apart from the Overcow (even I had a bit of a problem with “Mooly”), all the rest are named as per their product descriptions, even Ike.

  2. If you’re ever stumped for a name, “Bes” is an Egyptian God of protection … and a lot of people call their cows “Bessie” so it’s like a double shot of coolness. LOL

  3. Lulu would like you all to know that she adores her admirers and loves you all. <3

    ShadowDog, interesting. I don't know if we'll add more members to the Overherd at this point—party can only take so many, and all that.

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