Day 37 with the Overherd; PTSD yadda

It was very hot last night, and I didn’t let the bedroom cool off enough because I couldn’t stand trying to sleep with doors or windows open. As a result, while I had the Overherd nearby, I wasn’t hugging any of them while I slept. This was a mistake, because that led to nightmares about my birthday, and I… just… feel kind of dead right now. Actually, I still do; this morning was bad, this afternoon was bad, it’s evening and it might as well still be the afternoon in terms of feeling less dead or not.

So, lesson learned: let bedroom cool off to 70ºF at least so I can feel comfortable huggling things. No matter how long it takes to cool the bedroom down to 70ºF, do it before going to bed.

I ran out of continues in the early afternoon and I have a very hard time trying not to scream from time to time.

4 thoughts on “Day 37 with the Overherd; PTSD yadda

  1. Do you have a ceiling fan in your bedroom? Or any kind of fan, really? It helps a lot to cool down rooms, with or without a/c. I don’t know how I got through the last few summers without my ceiling fan – it helps so much getting a room to cool down.

  2. I have a multitude of fans, but yesterday was relatively evil heat-wise in Washington State. I don’t have AC, so I put a big box fan in the window pointing outwards to push the hot air in the room out.

    Then I have a smaller fan in the room and a large whispering fan on the floor outside the bedroom door to pull air along from the rest of the house. Sometimes I turn the latter off.

    Currently the room is 79ºF right now. Yesterday it was still at 82ºF at this time. Stupid summer.

  3. The last two days and nights have been bloody awful for heat. There’s not really much to be done about it when it’s that hot, to the point of being able to cuddle stuffed toys. Stop-gaps might include binding a coldpack to a cow using a tea towel, or even leaving the Herd to graze in your freezer for a few hours. Though they might take on an odd smell…

  4. Yeah, heat’s been a problem. Last night it was really a problem… this night perhaps not so much. I’m trying to get airflow through the house to kick out the hot air, which means leaving a (really hard to get into) window open downstairs to let cool air in, and when the hot air rises, it gets batted into the upper bedroom by fans and then blown out by the window fan.

    Eventually the hot air goes away, or mostly goes away.

    During the day, though, everything is pretty hellish. Tomorrow I might take the Overherd downstairs to the currently unfriendly living room (which would give me a motive to make it friendlier. It needs more furniture and less boxes, basically).

    *cries about the state of her house because she’s been slammed with work and PTSD*

    But it’ll be good to work with the hands.

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