PTSD B-day #9

My boss will not let me rip myself to shreds and told me to rest.

Anyways, there’s a 50% chance the team we’re in conflict with will, ah, leave the rest of us at the altar, so to speak.

I should rest. After I tell breadmaker to make very simple bread. I feel like throwing up… will try soy or almond milk so as not to collapse.

Will be taking my Xanax in peace. I’ll probably fall asleep. My dreams have surfed back into weird boringness, so it looks like the Overherd have finished eating the enormous backlog of nightmares.

2 thoughts on “PTSD B-day #9

  1. Yeah, I’ve been very fortunate. Every manager on my current team has been awesome.

    In contrast, a manager on my previous team would have told me I was just making things up. He didn’t believe in psychology. It’s fortunate his incompetence dissolved the team before it even got to that point.

    In general, though, it’s difficult to find a manager in some parts of the tech industry who won’t see someone like me as a liability rather than an asset, even with 5+ years of company knowledge wrapped around me. My mobility is very limited, and there are reasons I don’t work for the Goog.

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