Day 62 with the Overherd

It’s amazing to be oncall and sleep deprived but not traumatized from PTSD intrusion and flashbacks. There really is more to my life than being hunted down by demons from the past. ((CLICHÉ ALERT!!!))

Oh, hm, I didn’t get any sleep. Normal insomnia combined with not being able to take Ambien ’cause that’d be bad in a high-severity situation. Good thing, too.

Large Round Cow I designated as my oncall buddy. She is warm and reassuring and, importantly, tall enough (relatively speaking) to provide support while trying not to fall over onto the laptop. And also warm. Dang, this is a cold summer in the Pacific Northwest.

I got the idea from a memory of a dude who worked in a department where software deployments are fraught with much pain and real potential for unfunny wackiness that he had a teddy bear he called his “deployment buddy” before real deployment buddies became policy (which he pushed for, despite his young age, and I was glad to give him a really positive review ’bout that).

And now I’ve gone on too longer without sleep. Breakfast was oatmeal and full of carbs, and now I am full of carbs, and for some reason it makes me sleepy. I’m starting to confuse which browser buttons do what, and that can’t be good for anybody.