Day 63 with the Overherd

I must remember to never sleep during the day unless I have to. Some of the weirdest and at times disturbing dreams occur then. I slept through an awful lot of yesterday.

Last night, I set up Cozy Cow up against my back, sort of the vanguard with respect to the door. I slept on my side facing the window with Overcow in my arms and Ike facing me and Large Round Cow sitting on top of the covers, like a guardian.

In the morning, I was on my other side and snuggled up against Cozy Cow’s smug grin. A day in the spotlight for hir, and I liked it.

“Ideal setup” seems to change over time.

I have to mention Lulu, who does the wetwork in the Overherd. Showers are much less daunting. I guess I just like something to hang onto most of the day.