Bento Day 3, Lunch

This is what I like about Laptop Lunch sets: not only do you have modular containers (and it gets fun with their “Bento Buddies” packs), but you can choose to leave some of them out.

Like if you’re too tired to peel the Clementine.

It’s not a healthy lunch, even if it’s vegetarian, but it does have 0 cholesterol, a nice break from the 242mg cholesterol in the morning egg.

Rice pancakes (great way to use extra rice; they’re like latkes made from rice, Parmesan, and pepper), veggie “stix” (that’s actually 1 ounce, but they overflowed the big container), and the Clementine. I found a non-green bag of them and was quite happy, even if they cost over $9 a bag out of season.