Day 64 with the Overherd

Yesterday was a long night. I don’t remember any dreams, as the Overherd ate them, and I merely woke up exhausted.

I’m a little scared that my hold on reality will get more tenuous as my lack of sleep continues. Today is the last day I can get my head down before I have to go 72 hours without my sleep meds. It’s not a holiday, so hopefully I can make it.

I’ve Ike with me on the ferry, but I really should have brought along Cozy Cow also, just for head snuggling.

First day in a long time that I’ll be indulging in caffeine….

2 thoughts on “Day 64 with the Overherd

  1. You said in the Day 62 entry that you hadn’t gotten any sleep, but I didn’t realize Day 63 involved a lack of sleep too. I’m impressed that you’ve gone this long without caffeine. Here’s hoping you rest well tonight.

  2. Wogglebug,

    Thank you. Yes, it’s kind of funny: when I don’t have the PTSD-driven insomnia, I just have my normal insomnia. Which may or may not have come about because of how my father interrupted my sleep many nights, but it doesn’t involve fear or flashbacks. Just not being able to sleep.

    I’m kind of nervous about the weekend and whether I can put up with it… tonight is a grocery stocking run, and then tomorrow is an early work day, and then tomorrow afternoon 72 hours begins. Hopefully after I get home, although on Fridays my commute becomes 3 to 4 hours going home….

    I like to be crazy prepared. This has served me well in life, when I have the resources to execute the plans…

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