Proposition 8’s Overturn: Revenge of the Concern Trolls

I ran into a little bit of this on Twitter. And were Twitter up, this would be merely a tweet instead of, woe, a tiny blog post.

But I feel it’s important to point anybody getting enraged over the judicial decision overturning Proposition 8 to Matthew Yglesias’ post. He doesn’t like “absolute judicial supremacy” but he also doesn’t think Proposition 8’s overturn was a bad thing, either morally or legally.

He calls the fretters concern trolls, and yes, that’s what they are.

And yes, comments are off on this post. You can either take that as a mark of me being a coward; or me not having enough spoons to deal with any bullshit that shows up here, possibly from people I tend not to have any other disagreements with; or a sign you should go play over at Yglesias’ place if you want to have a discussion about it. Or use the internet as your personal arguing machine, I don’t know.

I’m sure over the next few days I’ll see the number of subscribers drop to both this blog and my Twitter account. But hell. Sometimes I don’t care anymore.