Days 68 and 69 with the Overherd

Yesterday I spent most of the day sleeping because the weekend was not enough. I’m not sure how much longer I have to sleep in order to remove all sleep debt.

I have to say that having two large cows to snuggle against with little ones to hold from time to time does wonders for my sanity. And actually does help me sleep without the aid of Ambien, although without Ambien I tend to spend an hour going to sleep. But at least now I get sleep. Some.

Everybody’s pretty good about staying on the bed, except Ike, who I’m sure does some kind of night to night reconnaissance missions. Sometimes he’s still in bed, and sometimes he’s next to the bed. This morning I woke up early and scrabbled around, thinking he was lost, but he wasn’t.

I tend to be very aware of where my cows are. I hate to think how I’d feel if I lost any of them.

… *is suddenly afraid of airports*

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