Day 70 with the Overherd

Y’know, I’m not sure how the Overherd comes to their own night arrangements. But tonight even Ike (on blanket top duty) managed to tuck himself in next to me. Cozy Cow is currently the Overcow’s second, and today I woke up with hir in my arms.

I’m still in bed. Which is disappointing.

I’m not sure if this is fallout from the lst week of July, but I managed to build up so much sleep debt that I haven’t finished discharging it. I actually stopped recording hours of sleep in MyNetDiary because “2 hours” for a week straight is depressing.

Last week I didn’t spend removing sleep debt, just my usual 6-7 hours a night. Then I was oncall over the weekend.

And I’m still running down sleep debt. I apparently can’t put it off any longer; I’m getting old. So I sleep for 6-7 hours… then end up actually physically nauseous when I wake up at my usual time. Like two hours ago. I tried to plow ahead but my head won’t work right. I couldn’t even finish breakfast.

I’m back in bed and when I’m there I feel less like I’m going to die. I’ve had weeks like this before, I just never analyzed them much. Ignoring analysis is probably why they continue to show up and make me sick.

(Also my thermometer broke. I feel feverish which would indicate a flu, but I can’t tell for sure.)

I guess it’s a work from home day.

Time to sleep until the next ticket comes in.