Maybe It’s Not Just Sleep Debt

So 25% of my team called in sick today. Just today.

So maybe I should check in with somebody….

Anyways, I described my symptoms to a nurse friend of mine (including the part where I could get more sleep over the weekend than I normally would without Ambien, i.e., any). She says it sounds like mono. It has been a bit more painful to swallow than usual (I gargle with salt water, and I didn’t the past two days because it hurt), and I’ve been hit sideways with the bus of sleep even though I have bad insomnia.

Nausea is probably part of the package, I didn’t ask specifically about that, but I know I can’t eat very much.

Anyways, she’s coming over later to see me and bring stuff. It helps that we’re not close to a triggering holiday.

She also says to drink enough liquids or gods help her….

Can you tell I don’t take care of myself very well?

Amusingly, this reminds me of Holmes and Watson for some reason.

2 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Not Just Sleep Debt

  1. On the subject of drinking water, I find that very dilute lemonade (roughly a tablespoon each of lemon juice and sugar to a pint of water) tends to be absorbed better than plain water.

  2. Ah! I’ll have to keep this in my notes. I’ve tried to use dilute lemonade powder solutions in the past, but your method would not require having a container of powder I wouldn’t otherwise touch. :D

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