Bento, Day 4

It’s been too long since the last bento post! And since bento.

ETA: it’s been so long that I forgot my lunch at home. Um. Oops. At least the lunch bag is insulated and filled with ice pa I guess lunch will become dinner, and today’s lunch is going to be difficult to put together in the cafeteria. Argh.

First, some blithering:

I’ve decided to go dairy-free. And for now, I’m on a trial of gluten-free as well. Thus far I’ve not had to take the enzyme pills I used to in order to digest food, and my tonsil crypts only get filled when I break diary and a little filled when I’m off dairy and broke the gluten-free… so… it kind of sounds like this is the way for me to go.

*cries over lost cheesecake and bread*

I did order The Uncheese Cookbook, for the dairy-intolerant who miss cheese and don’t like the cheese substitutes on the market; and The Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread, which also has bread machine instructions for large, medium, and small (mine!) machines. I have hope.

Also, do you know how hard it is to find gluten-free muesli? Not even Bob’s Red Mill has any. *weeps* I did find some on Amazon, and they’re on their way.

And now, bento:

  • 3/4 cup of grapes
  • 1/3 cup of store-bought applesauce ((I really need to start making my own again. This is a more expensive sauce, but still only okay.))
  • Mabo Tofu with a bit too much TVP and quinoa

4 thoughts on “Bento, Day 4

  1. Let me know what you think of The Uncheese Cookbook. I’m too timid to actually buy it and try some of the recipes… (1) because I don’t like to cook and (2) I’m scared off by the negative reviews on Amazon.

    My chiropractor thinks going gluten-free might be the next step in controlling the fibro. Giving up cheese AND bread?? **weep**

  2. You have my sympathies on giving up dairy and wheat. Those make up a huge proportion of my diet.

    I’m really surprised about the muesli; I would not have expected it to contain dairy ever.

    Kelly, maybe your local library has The Uncheese Cookbook? Or some other dairy-free ones? The library can be a great way to try books out before you decide whether you want a copy to keep.

  3. @Wogglebug… Ah! Yes… I think I will plan a trip to the library’s website so they can direct the book to my local branch if it exists in their system. Oh, how I love the Internet!

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