Day 76 with the Overherd

Of the Overherd, Ike is the best at holding things. It’s his arms, which can cross over each other. In the car, I usually let him hang onto the ferry pass book, for instance.

So tonight, I let him hang onto my glasses while lying beside my bed wedge, so that he didn’t wander into my arms. This worked quite well.

These days the Overherd manages to stay on the bed without the assistance of chair backs. And ever since I started bracing the bedroom door with a chair every night, nobody’s ended up guarding the door.

Also, it makes a hella difference not being oncall with Ambien, than oncall without Ambien. My dreams were without incident.

Although I’m pretty calm today, it still feels like a day for hugging cows constantly, so Ike is settled in my arms. It’s a nice day for a ferry ride.