Days 78 – 80 with the Overherd

Everybody is happy. Including me, for some reason, because my PTSD is temporarily vanquished (perhaps it’s on vacation in Maui or something).

Does the Overherd get hugged less during this time? Strangely, no. Perhaps they’re giving me an emotional boost of extra security so that I can be happier than I usually would.

And everybody’s been staying on the bed. I guess I do thrash around more when I’m having nightmares—or something. Isn’t your body supposed to be in paralysis while dreaming?

Ike still accompanies to work and I still hang onto him. I particularly need him there. The Overcow is my constant companion at hope, though when I’m cooking, I put her on the sofa such that she’s still in view of the kitchen. Well, there’s also a kitchen stool, which she sits on now instead of me when I’m stirring things on the stove or something.

Lulu still accompanies to the shower, which is the only bit of unhappiness I can think of now.

Large Round Cow and Cozy Cow are still my snugglers of choice when I go to bed. I think this arrangement leads, for now, to fewer nightmares. Although when the Ambien knocks me out, it does so quite seriously, which is a good thing these days—it means my insomnia is less keen than it used to be.

I don’t have appointments scheduled with my bartender though. He’s been busy, with a full schedule, and I have this nagging feeling that if I don’t see him, this good period will come crashing down, hard. It has in the past.

I expect to get a few good months out of this. Maybe two. My deterioration will really come in October, and any good vibes will vanish a week or two before Thanksgiving. Perhaps this year I should just think of Thanksgiving in terms of Black Friday, and ignore anything before it as “not me, definitely not me.”