I’m happy, and it concerns me.

I worry that with happiness I’ll become selfish and evil (like in TV shows).

I know it’ll be brief, and it will end in October, at which point things will be “normal” again.

Better get busy, then.

Note: no, this doesn’t mean I’m healed from my PTSD. As I’ve learned in the past, this, too, cycles. I can still trigger… it’s just that the effects aren’t as horrific as they usually are. Good days and bad days.

Possibly I’m better because August, a long time ago, was when I got to go to college and be away from my parents, and no longer had to worry about being strangled in the night. Much. August is a time of renewal after the horrors of June and July, and before the horrors of November and December.

Okay, I’m going to stop thinking about the future now.

2 thoughts on “I’m happy, and it concerns me.

  1. The idea of “I worry that with happiness I’ll become selfish and evil” is one of those major life worries that will take time and effort to sort out (time and effort as in more than either of us has today, or even this week). But I will briefly say that since this is a lull between predictable difficulties, you won’t have time to become corrupted and selfish. Just enjoy it as a rest-and-recovery phase, do the projects you couldn’t make room for during crises,* and generally store up well-being.

    * In fact, in the next crisis-phase, you might want to make notes of anything you’re putting off so you can remember for the next lull.

    • Good points. And it takes so much time to contract out work on the secret island base of villainous evil.

      I can take notes. I’ve been getting good at that….

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