Brief (For Once) PTSD Update This Fine Month of August

I’ve been very fine this week, and I need to write that down.

It shows how destructive, last year, ${AUTHOR} had been when ${AUTHOR_PRONOUN} ((Exports pre-set before opening this shell.)) decided to push a trigger of mine. Hard. That resulted in short-circuiting me for months. Ah well, ${AUTHOR_PRONOUN} got ${AUTHOR_POSESSIVE_PRONOUN} pound of flesh out of me. Or pound of sanity, anyways.

It also reminds me how easy it would be for anyone to do this to me; that writing openly about my PTSD had given people ammunition to completely fuck me over any time they like, including out of season.

I thought about this issue, actually, some time ago; and have decided, fuck it. If someone wants to play hardball with me, I will play hardball with them. Names will be named. And I don’t care how revered they are/were in my personal author pantheon.