Days 83 – 88 with the Overherd

This is kind of hilarious and scary at the same time.

Last night, I had one of those dreams—where my current life is a lie, and I’ve never left my parents. I forget most of what they did to me, but I remember retreating to the bedroom and my bed, which was the last defensive position I could hold at home. I was lying there, trying not to count the minutes until my father found me.

And then suddenly cows were there. I knew I had Overcow with me at this point, under my arm, but on the side were Large Round Cow and Cozy Cow. Cozy Cow had even brought hir relative, Flat Cow, who I hadn’t met in person yet. Flatland Cow was under me, kind of like a magic carpet.

The next part is kind of hilarious. Flat Cow… how do I even explain this… opened a rainbow chute out of the dream.


Anyways, we all went down it, and I ended up in a dream where I worked in a perfume and board games store. For serious. The cows were no longer there, though. But on the other hand, every single Fantasy Flight game ever made was there. In huge tall stacks. Including all the ones out of print or incredibly hard to find. If you’ve ever had a hankering for an FF game you can’t find or afford and I’ve just exacerbated it? You’re welcome.

I have to watch some movies where there are proper mystic portals.

This is the first time the cows have shown up to rescue me—that I can remember, anyways.

Ike wasn’t in the dream, probably because he was busy holding my glasses.

5 thoughts on “Days 83 – 88 with the Overherd

  1. Oooo, have you ever read Vigilant by James Alan Gardner? It has magic rainbow escape chutes in it. And it’s an excellent story. (I don’t know how to evaluate it for trigger potential, though. And there are parental issues in it, so maybe not.)

    Anyway, a rainbow chute makes perfect sense to me. After all, Valkyries ride across a rainbow bridge to the land of the gods.

  2. I’ve been reading but never commented before. Short version: I’m in my 20s, but your life sounds very, very familiar. And I’m in a similar place now – “free”, but still haunted.

    And seriously considering getting a cow. Or a sheep (I’m a knitter, seems fitting).

    Do you mind me asking what made you choose cows specifically?

  3. Wogglebug,

    I hadn’t read it. Cool :)

    A rainbow as bridge is popular in many mythologies the world over. But this was more like a My Little Pony cartoon.



    The choice of a cow is very personal to me. There’s been more than one reason, though.


    *Team Cow moos appreciatively in your direction*

  4. Thank you for explaining – I wondered if it was a specific personal reason (I’ll ask no further, not my business) or if they were the first animal you stumbled on/a case of “cows are cool!”. Personal makes more sense for them being guardians.

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