It’s Hard to Be an Adult Right Now

I was oncall last night, so while I did get the drugs to rein in the bipolar, I did not get the drugs to rein in the paranoia. I spent a lot of the early morning awake and scared, and I couldn’t stop being sick (although I didn’t throw up). I tried to sleep, and maybe it worked, but the nightmares were constant. If my brain could stop dreaming the dreams about never having left my parents, I would be pleased.

I woke up in the morning with a headache (because I was scared to turn out the light) and was too tired to scream. I feel dizzy and still a bit sick. Not surprising.

Being an adult dictates that I should at least shower and then do something about work but I have lost so much nerve that I feel like I’m right back where I started at the end of July.

It’s like 10:30am and I don’t know exactly how to prioritize anything, but shower, I guess.

I feel like a very lousy person to fall apart.

2 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Be an Adult Right Now

  1. You are not lousy, you’re just strained. You are prescribed those drugs for a reason; naturally when you have to miss a dose you will have problems. ‘Shower and work’ sounds like you’re prioritizing okay, even though it is harder/blurrier/slower than usual.

  2. Yeah. In the end I didn’t pull through, and I’m still suffering some of the effects this weekend. Gah. *hides head*

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