Oh drugs drugs drugs drugs…

… drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs ambien… (repeat but it doesn’t sound as good with buspar at the end)

Actually I woke up terrified at 5am still. But I could take a Xanax. It was wonderful.

Also, note to self to take lamictal with food. Or at least almond milk. I didn’t feel sick so I could sleep totally surrounded by cows and not need a quick path to the puke bucket.

(The last time I tried food with lamictal was when I didn’t know I was allergic to dairy and wheat. Milk + wheaties + 400mg lamictal = DO NOT WANT. And it gets worse at 500mg. My life is several times better without wheat or dairy.)

What shall I do today? I don’t know. I feel like getting the rest of the sleeps is in order. Last night in the midst of my terror before I realized I could take Xanax, I decided to make tofu whipped topping #1 in the Uncheese Cookbook, so I don’t have all the sleeps.

I can see it’s sunny through the blinds. I think that helps.

Today at some point I suppose I get an oven….