blue tortilla chips and tangy chedda. Very good as always; 140 and 40 calories respectively.

Celery with peanut butter; 9 calories and 190 calories. Also veggie stix (70 calories), but (a) I forgot they would get soggy, and (b) I forgot to check whether they had wheat. They do. Argh, I even felt it before asking Twitter to check (thanks, Cori!). Cleaning out tonsils tonight and tomorrow. :-/

Grapes, 78 calories. Such a perfect food for bento.

Sliced strawberries with tofu whipped “cream” from The Unheese Cookbook. 27 cals and 40 cals. The tofu whip tastes how I always wished yogurt would taste, which is subtly sweet.

All together, around 590 calories.

My work days seem to work out to “300 600 300”. Except today. A birthday cake piece (mostly GF, but not DF. Sigh, I regret it now).