Appropos of Something. Definitely Something.

ETAs below. And now even more.

It appears that sf_drama is hitting the high points of the post alluded to here. (I usually don’t connect to these things directly).

I’m disappointed that Elizabeth Moon and this guy now have more in common than just the genre they work in.

Things I give odds on:

  • 1:1 odds this shows up on unfunny_business.
  • 3:1 odds this shows up on fandom_wank.
  • 10:1 odds that Andrew Sullivan discovers this and the Daily Dish linkorama starts and embarrasses us all.
  • 25:1 odds that Wiscon uninvites her. ((I don’t blame them if they don’t; it’s a big thing to uninvite a guest of honor. At the same time, it is Wiscon.))

I hate this, so very much. Unlike with this guy ((Screw you, Google blog search…. Never leave me. :'()), I take zero pleasure in any of this.

Oh well. We’re all human. And hell, I’m actually evil, so. ((More on that later, I guess, in the next entry in Dancing with Psychologists.))

I suppose, though, that even evil has standards.

Update: Okay, now I have lost all respect for her, utterly and entirely. Perhaps I should have started with that. See below ETAs.

ETA: BAH-LEETION has now occurred to all the comments on Moon’s post. Hmmm.

ETA2: So apparently Moon also edited her post at the end. What the hell, Elizabeth Moon?

ETA3: bloodparade has screencaps. And apparently Wiscon will become aware of this. Bahleetion: it does not make things better 24 hours into the wank.

This is now elevated from FUCKUP to TRAINWRECK.

2 thoughts on “Appropos of Something. Definitely Something.

  1. Such a freaking mess. Not that I was a fan of hers, but still. I don’t like seeing that much fail in public.

    • Yeah, it’s rather a day-ruiner. I feel sorry for her fans—at least, those who were bothered; it’s too evident from some of the comments came from people who share her worldview.

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