Let me never doubt the power of daylight, or daylight-like lighting, again.

I woke up this morning with no memory of having gone to sleep, although I did remember dragging cows back onto the bed. And despite having three full-spectrum Ottlite bulbs going in my room, I stayed asleep until noticeable dawn (you know, when the sky stops being midnight blue).

If anything, the lighting in my room now reminds me of a temple, and I feel very safe. But this is restricted to my bedroom. I’m wondering if I should just get Ottlites for the rest of the house (and its many bulbs), although I’m not sure what to do about the recessed floodlights that dot the house in their now eerie yellow light. If I could turn my whole house into a temple….

I so need more shelving.

Anyways, I’m doing much better this morning and caught up on all my sleep, which means I’m working from home again. Sigh. Maybe at some point I can be granted the ability to get into work without nightmares.

5 thoughts on “Daylight

  1. You can get full-spectrum flood lights. I have them in my living room. I think I got them at Home Depot. Or Lowes. Or both? Anyway… yes. They exist.

  2. It sounds like you definitely should install full-spectrum lighting throughout the house. The difference alone in the bedroom would indicate that if you can do this before mid-winter with all its attendant PTSD worries, you might be able to reduce some of the effects.

    I’m pretty sure all common household bulbs have a full-spectrum equivalent, even the frosted globe lights for vanities in bathrooms. Any good home improvement store should carry a selection, either online or off.

  3. I got full-spectrum four-foot fluorescent-type bulbs for the basement studio and other spaces, in whole library-style banks of four (and eight) over the workspaces. Cause we already had the fixtures salvaged, you can use regular fluorescent fixtures and put full-spectrum lamps in them way cheaper than buying the whole fixture. They have lasted a long time, so long I think I got em out of a catalog instead of online. Oh! the big tube box they came in says it was an Inner Balance catalog (Cincinnati Ohio) and they are or were Light Savers (Patent Pending). It was years ago though.

  4. Oh nice!

    I will never use anything less than full-spectrum ever again if I can help it. It makes such a difference.

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