Not quite there yet

It’s been a week since the category 4 flashback on Tuesday morning.

I’m still not all there.

It was not helped by the comment kerfuffle that inspired my previous PTSD post. I didn’t realize how much damage that did.

I’m kinda hoping I wake up okay tomorrow.

To the folks who might feel they have to apologize, who know who they are because I have indeed let them directly and unambiguously know my anger and why I am so, do not apologize to me over any communication method whatsoever. Do not even talk to me. You’ve done more than enough damage.

8 thoughts on “Not quite there yet

  1. In completely unrelated news, I just read for the first time a Wodehouse novel called The Adventures of Sally. It’s a new printing, and it has a page in the back announcing that there is a P.G. Wodehouse society, and that they publish a quarterly newsletter, called Wooster Sauce. I find their choice of title charming.

  2. I hope you wake up OK tomorrow too.

    (You came to mind earlier – two shelves of the toyshop have been taken over by cows. Rows and rows of cows…)

  3. Abi,

    Oh dear. I suppose this is just the beginning of the puns. (Or rather, the continuation of the puns….)

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