Bento Again, Jiggity Jig

Wow it’s nice to be able to fit a 500px-wide image into the blog!

Anyways, today’s bento: potato roasted in a slow cooker, cut into chunks for easier fitting; “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cheese” dipping sauce from The Uncheez Cookbook which is unfortunately one of its misses, kiwi berries, and apple salad (Honeycrisp, raw cashews, Zante currants, and dried cranberries).

Ick, the cheez sauce was gross. Usually the recipes work. Oh well. Need to make the good Tangy Chedda instead.

To make up for the horror of the cheez sauce (which I suspected might happen), here’s a lemur that brings chocolate and peanut butter rice bars:

Just because you have to live GF doesn’t mean you can’t have cereal bars that are kind of bad for you. (Although they do tend to have a good fiber count.)