Omu-rice with a small sauce container of ketchup. Baby carrots with a small sauce container of some of the “sour cream” from The Uncheese Cookbook (it’s okay, but much better as part of the full alfredo sauce recipe). Honeycrisp apple slices. And dairy-free dark orange-flavored chocolate, wrapped up to keep it dry.

About 650 calories. 200 are from the chocolate alone (!).

2 thoughts on “Bento

  1. It’s okay, chocolate has many healthful antioxidants. Or to put it another way, vegetables have so few calories that you have to get calories from somewhere else.

    Am I right in thinking that omu-rice is an omelette with rice in it?

  2. Chocolate: Super Health Food!

    Yup, usually fried rice wrapped in a thin omelet. Omu-rice even has its own Wikipedia entry, which I didn’t expect. It’s a very Western Eastern comfort food, especially when ketchup is used to draw a design on top of the omu-rice.

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