Bento, Bento


Using the Ms Bento again.

Soup container: 10 Crunchmaster GF crackers – 93 calories
Main container: Rice and stir fry – 197 calories
Hello Kitty: Minute-man Cheez Sauce – yuck. 100 calories whatever
Side container: Granny apple flowers – 26 calories
Total: 416 calories

With a side snack bento.

Grapes – 55 calories
Orange slices – 34 calories
Total: 89 calories

And yes, it reads “Club Penguins”, and furthermore comments, “It is our favorit to live at an urban area with cool music,” which is what happens when your translators are paid by the penny.

I think Ms Bento is more difficult to pack because you need to take into account that the soup and main bowls will need to either be warm foods, or foods that can take being warmed. Mind you, if you always have a soup, dumplings, and a warm rice dish on hand, using Ms Bento is a no-brainer.


One of those rare double-decker Lock & Lock bentos. The three-section one actually has groves in the top, so the foods in each section will stay completely separated without having to fuss with multiple containers.

Rice and a different stir fry recipe – 277 calories
Grapes – 55 calories
Nickjack Apple flowers – 26 calories
Orange sections – 34 calories
Total: 392 calories

It’s quite fussy to cut the orange section out of orange wedges for the purposes of squishing them into a little container.

Instead of a snack bento, I had an EnviroKidz peanut butter with drizzled chocolate Leaping Lemurs rice cereal bar, since there was more than enough room in the small Lock & Lock bag for it. At 120 calories, it satisfactorily rounds out the meal.

4 thoughts on “Bento, Bento

  1. I use clementines, so the sections fit easily in the silicon muffin cups I use to separate them from the sandwich (for my children).

  2. G,

    I totally need to find clementines around here. Or learn how to peel oranges.


    Oh my gods. That’s an excellent bento box! I’m just playing around with some bento boxes I have on hand, back in the days when I was far more into bento gear than bento. :)

  3. What is the nature of your difficulty with peeling oranges? I find that the skins are too thick to tackle with my fingernails, but I get good results with a paring knife.

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