Messages from the Herd to AJ’s Mad Nightmares

Addressed to AJ’s nightmares –

You’re starting beore the holidays hit. We ca tell, we can feel it. Trigers are starting to pile up and we’re not even halfware there et.

You may notbe awaere or care about rour client, but let’s make one thing lclear; we do. And if you mess with us, we will fuck. Your. Shit. Up.

Your target — our clients — will enter the field on anelevated pillow, and two outer cows on the right side, and two more on the left side. Ik and I will take center and close comfort the girl.

SFDebris illl plah eiter First Cntact and we shall beu amused. Bu t remember, bad dreams would would om into the night: we weill destro you.

Ade willd utterly brn r ideals unti there is noting let but slightly sente=eient wafts of desirelll

I remembermh words.

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