. . . Um. Dot. Dot. Dot.

On the one hand, I’m glad the Overherd exists in my mind as a very strong concept.

On the other hand, them writing messages in my blog worry me.

Of course, it was the Ambien talking.

Fixing up the bad spelling and grammar (this is as bad as LOLcats), apparently this is what they said:

Addressed to AJ’s nightmares —

You’re starting before the holidays hit. We can tell, we can feel it. Triggers are starting to pile up and we’re not even halfway there yet.

You may not be aware [of] or care about our client, but let’s make one thing clear: we do. And if you mess with us, we will Fuck. Your. Shit. Up.

Your target–our client–will enter the field on an elevated pillow, and two outer cows on the right side, and two more on the left side. Ike and I will take center and closely comfort the girl.

SFDebris will play either First Contact [or… or what? Are the cows asking SFDebris to critique as yet an uncritiqued Star Trek episode? If then, which is it?] and we shall be amused. But remember, bad dreams that would come in the night: we will destroy you.

And utterly burn your ideals [?] until there is nothing left but slightly sentient wafts of desire.

I remember [these] words.

No signature, but this is undoubtedly the Overcow.

I don’t remember posting this. I suppose this counts as sleep-blogging.

Ah well. If the Overherd is going to be on any side, it’s good that they seem to be on mind.

I’m very groggy and more than a bit asleep but I’m conscious at the moment.

6 thoughts on “. . . Um. Dot. Dot. Dot.

  1. That was my thought, too, that typing with hooves is hard. I was heartened to see this post from the Overherd – nice to hear from them clearly how much they care and that they mean business. Love love love … :)

  2. Hm, good point about the hooves. Factored in, that’s pretty good spelling for hooves.

    I feel pretty secure nestled in the Overherd at this point.

  3. Well, they definitely mean business.

    It’s extra awesome that you left their original message up. Who knows what important information for the bad dreams is in the spelling static.

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