Thoughts on Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji/黒執事 Anime Season 2 Ending

I haven’t seen the anime yet, but I’ve been spoiled on the ending. If you do not wish to be spoiled either, then read no further.

For more information on 黒執事, see: Wikipedia’s Black Butler entry, Square Enix’s official page about the mana, Funimation’s official english page about the anime, and the unofficial fan wiki.

Spoilers Follow Here.

Short summary: After a long time of Sebastian, a demon, working as a butler for Ciel, a young child who wants revenge against the murderers of his family… the contract remains strangely unfulfilled due to events out of left field. Ciel becomes a demon, and Sebastian not only doesn’t get to devour Ciel’s soul (and Sebastian is very, very hungry indeed) but now he must remain Ciel’s butler for eternity, or at lest, gods know how long.

Sebastian is rather put out by this.

However, as there are rumors of yet another season 3, I think Sebastian will eventually regain his lacklusterness. Season 2 was all about Ciel’s lackluster; perhaps a similar character arc for Sebastian would be fitting. And thus Sebastian would, for once, not be the perfect, capable butler.

Eventually, the conflict between the newly arrogant Ciel, who seems not to realize that there’s a whole world of demons out there who’d gut him, and then even more bound Sebastian may smooth out (over many snarky bumps) to an understanding, to a holding position:

  • Ciel no longer has human concerns, and can lay his desire for revenge to death if he hasn’t already. He has a new world to explore, and he does love a challenge.
  • We never hear about how Sebastian become demon. There’s implications that he was bored and his life was slovenly, grabbing souls left and right; getting hold of contracts stepped up the game to dignity and strategy and, most likely, a more interesting, challenging life than he might have had otherwise.

These two will never not be rivals. But they need the other in their life to navigate the pools of chaos they’ll encounter on the other side, even if they’ll never exactly be friends—the relationship dynamic is not based on trust, but on need.

What will happen in the new world? Is there a manor house on the other side they can occupy and start over again? You need something to have a butler/master relationship to play against…

86 thoughts on “Thoughts on Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji/黒執事 Anime Season 2 Ending

  1. Just stayed up, all night, finishing off season 2. Boy am I shocked. I know now whether to be happy by the ending or insanely mad at the fact that Sebastian has been made out of a fool, because of all the time spent helping Ciel, and he gets no soul to eat. I want to know Ciel’s feelings and how Sebastian will react. I have so many more questions, and isnt that the worst feeling? When you end something you’ve long been awaiting for and it completely shocks you and you need more answers till you can stop thinking about it?

    I suppose those are the best stories, the ones that always make you think back and keep you in awe.
    I really hope they do make a season 3, maybe its not even needed in the authors eyes.
    Possibly the point was to stump the audience, and leave em with this curiosity, but maybe not. Just curious, but are you looking forward for a season 3? or are you satisfied with just season 2?

    Thanks :)

    • I’m sure that whatever is done for season 3, it’ll be interesting and entirely surprising, if the transition from season 1 to season 2 is any measure…

      Of course, if I dislike season 3, I’ll edit my personal canon so that only seasons 1 and 2 exist. ;)

      • I loved the first season and just recently I was introduced to the second season. Even though, I barely watch it (Cause bad wifi conection). I was gratified that the makers decided to leave Ciel ‘alive’. I haven’t gotten to the last episode of the anime or read the third book. I had looked up some spoilers to stop my hunger for more Kuroshitsuji and I relized I shouldn’t have done that… I’m hoping in the beginning year they could make season two dubbed and they could sezie the huger of the viewers by making a season three. I would also be extremely happy if they brought Alios back into the season :)
        Just asking what happend to Ciel’s maid, gardener, cook, tanaka, and Pluto (The Demon Hound in season One).
        …….. Long Live Ciel!! XD

      • Personally I just finished season 2 and i’m completely mind fucked by it to be blunt. I understand the plot line and the surprised twist of an ending Although I feel the twist utterly threw me off as I have lost my desire to rewatch the season. I do hope they make a 3 season as i hope i can wrap my mind around season 2 and accept the ending. I most likely will be in denial of Ciel being a demon

        • I feel your pain I REALLY want them to make a season 3 even though it is 3 years later but, YOU MUST NOT GIVE UP HOPE! I didn’t really like how it ended though it was as you said a twist.

    • there has to be season three!!!! wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much was left undone! lizzie and him are engaged, and what about… i dunno! but seriously, i have to see what happens to ciel when hes a demon, and lizzie now that ciels gone, they cant end it like that! NOOOOOOO!

      • and, you know, ciel is way to dark now, hes not himself, and it is horrible to just have it end like, oh yeah, ciels arrogant and evil and a jerk, and now sebastian is his butler forever, bye! it has to continue!

      • EXACTLY I was like but what about Lizzie and what will Ciel do now that he’s a demon THERE MUST BE A SEASON 3!!!!!

    • hey, who is saying, there is no plot? heres one, good for seasons three and four; sebastian and ciel part ways for a while to get souls. ciel is having mixed feelings about leaving sebastian, and serving as a butler or what ever himself. he makes a contract. and has to be a butler. for a girl! a girl, he just so happens to fall in love with! this isn’t to my credit. yes, get excited, because there is news and reveiws for the firast episodes of seasons three, and (except for the love-girly, thats me fangirling it up!) this, yes, this, month! now, do not die if it doesnt, because, however unlikely, it might not. but, proof! my friend/ mom of my very very very close friend kim, has read the reveiws! they are supposed to be amazing. and even if it doesn’t happen, with this kuroshitsuji plot, how hard would it be o send ideas in to the makers of our beloved black butler! hope its the truth, i DID NOT come up with this plot, or make up the reveiw thing! i just hope kims mom wasnt! i am about to research and try to find living proof! i will comment again with news!

    • funmation is gonna make a season 3 and sadly grell dies in the beginning

      • I HEAR YOU I LOVE GRELL though I do love almost all the Black Butler characters but Grell just brightens up my day with his red gay grim reaperness and is there still gonna be a season 3 if not I WILL NOT LOSE HOPE!!

    • I think that there shouldn’t be a season three, because I feel content with the ending. Plus it has been three years since everyone said there should be a season three and there isn’t. If there was a season three it would not make it fun anymore because it would answer our questions but then put new ones in our heads. So then it would continue dragging it out. Personally I think there shouldn’t have been a season two at all, because after season one I had no questions and was happy that everyone got what they wanted, Ceil got revenge and Sebastain got his soul. But no they just had to ruin that happy ending and make Sebastian an eternal butler after working so hard. IF there was a season three though they should make it better for Sebastian.

  2. I will admit, the ending gave me the biggest complications of ‘What a second! What just happened there?’ And yet I still can’t decide to be happy or ticked off. Sure, as a Ciel fan, it fills me with joy to see him alive… But it’s not him anymore. Sebastian will remain famished forever [Unless he kill’s Ciel] *Roughly scratches head* I feel that was a mean move on Alois part; he didn’t like that he wasn’t desired by Claude, and wanted all of them to suffer.

    God! It’s almost like watching the Gantz ending a second time.

    • It’ll be interesting to see how they… recover from that little Gainax ending they bestowed upon themselves. Either an interesting success or an interesting disaster, but nevertheless, interesting.

      I keep thinking that Tanaka is actually a badger spirit in disguise, but that would be a Tanuki, not a Tanaka. Theory down the drain.

  3. I really hope that there is a season 3!!! I really enjoyed watching Ciel’s journey, but now that he is a demon… Where does that leave him? and also will Sebastian hunger for eternity? What will Ciel’s and Sebastian’s relationship be like now that they are both demons? There must be a season 3 for that reason alone. Poor Sebastian all of that wasted time!!!!

    • i was frozen for a long time at the end of season 2, i was so sad for Sebastian :( all that hard work for nothing? i mean al good and well Ciel is not dead, they can be forever together but i din’t saw a smile on Sebastian’s face and thats makes me not satisfied, they have to make a season 3 only to show us that its not an bad ending and that Sebastian accept it….. does anyone knows if they gonna make a season 3?

  4. yeah i agree ..

    i think it hurts Sebastian’s feeling .. risking ghis life and having a battle against another demon just to get Ciel’s soul … sebby … :(( ..

    but i think Sebastian greatly accepted that he’ll be Ciel’s butler forever however sebastian is stilll a demon who wants soul .. really, i think black butler needs season 3 even with just 5 episodes .. i would like to know what will Sebastian do .. i hate the demonic ciel .. really, it’s not the ciel anymore… btw, i super hate the three extras in season 2 .. hannah,trancy and cluade .. if claude haven’t stole ciel’s soul then the two of them were happy!!!

    • I totally agree I hate the new Ciel. He’s such a jerk now more then ever. And at the end of season 2 I could tell Sebastien was hating every moment with Ciel.

      • dude, so with you! ciels a jerk, and sebastian is just supposed to shut up and deal with it! no! ciel is a demon, so we need to see what happens! they should find a spell or something to reverse what happened! thn everything will be bak to normal! ciel is to dark, and mean as a demon! and what about lizzie! HELLOOOO!!!! fianse, left in the dust here, one last dance, then good bye forever? no! not at all!

    • Thank you for the site. I just ran across season 1 on netflix. I’m rather confused b/c the 24th episode was a rather rounded ending. However, Netflix added on a 25th random episode about Ceil & crew performing “Hamlet.” I’ve tried running down the logic/connection, but it eludes me. If anyone can clarify WTF that was, I would greatly appreciate it.

      • yes that episode was an ova named “his butler in wonder land” or something like that…

  5. I have to admit,I was really surprised about the ending in season 2. I knew there was a season 2 when I finished season 1,so I scoured the Internet for season 2 on DVD,then I found a website where I watched all of season 2. Then I heard about a season 3, and I feel that they should make it.I’m a big fan and I kind of liked the ending in season 2 cause sebastian and ciel are still going to be together.the things I didn’t like about that ending is that he left everyone behind.I cried when he said goodbye to the servants and when he asked lady Elizabeth to dance. They should make season 3 cause I wanna know what happens to ciel and sebastian and all the other characters.I especially want to know what happens between ciel and Elizabeth.

  6. I need a third season to defuddle my brian! ( would also like to see season 2 dub in english, because i LOVE the voice of Sebastian in the dubs version.)

    I’m not the brightest, so if any one can answer my questions, i’d be grateful.

    1.I never under stood the contract between Claud and Sebastian. Can some one explain that to me?

    2. why exactly did the Angle/queen kill Ciel’s perants in season 1? I know because they were ‘unclean’, but was that it? There’s nothing more?

    3. Do demons have souls?

    4.Hanna said that if Sebastian got back Ciel’s body, and it reanimated, it would be like a corpse to him, because it would have no soul. So, i would like to know, is this new demon Ciel Ceil’s soul?

    5. Does a demon have to make a contract to gain a soul? Can they take damned souls of the dead who haven’t made concretes, and eat them to tie them over till they get a good meal? On that subject, can they eat real food?

    6. Sebastian says Claud lick Ciel’s soul. Can Sebastian also lick Ciel’s soul, if he still has one?

    7. Is there a large plot difference between the manga and the anima. I’ve ordered the manga, but it’s taking a while to be shipped.

    8. When are they going to make a third season, and put me at rest?

    i have many more questions, but these are near the front of my mind.

  7. i wonder what will happens in season three. . . i do hope that Ciel would return to be a human once again. NO MATTER WHAT!! I’ve felt sorry for Sebastian, i think his heart is really hurt. especially when he gave Ciel that “looks”at the last episode. . .

    sorry if my English are bad. I’m not used to speak English. . .

  8. i think there will be no season 3 cause they ended it with Ciel pretending to be dead to his companions and it only has 12 episodes in season 2 but i still hope theres a season 3 i didn’t like the ending in season 2 poor Sebastian :'(

  9. I want to see season 3 of this anime.I can’t believe that sebastian did all those hard works for nothing and I can’t stand to look at sebastian’s sad face… T^T I don’t want this anime to end just like that. pls continue the story plss..

  10. im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed about the ending of season 2. It left me thinking “What the hell just happened?!” and “It can’t be over!” First of all, that frickin sucks for sebastian! he worked so hard, got his arm chopped off, got slapped in the face, and yelled at all for nothing! just to be eternally bound with another demon! second, claude, hannah, and alois and go to hell! their all insane assholes! that season was just a waste and left me with too many questions. they should have just ended it at season 1. If their gonna make a perfect season 1 and a jacked up season 2, then they might as well fix it with a season 3!

  11. I agree with Eclipse that was horrible for sebastian im a sebastian fan and that literally made me cry. they better have a season 3 cuz theres just too many questions unanswered and i just cant live with this sure it was cool that ciel turned into a demon but really they had to do that to sebastian thats just sad hope they make the third season.

  12. The chemistry and love between Ceil and Sabastian is undeniable. Their love is marked by conflict and bound by contract. If Sabastian had taken Ceils’ soul, he would have lost Ceil forever. I think he realize that before he had the chance to kill Ceil before he turn into a demon. Maybe they can finally be free when they admit the love for each other.

    • that is some gay stuff, i think the show is just fine without them having to admit their love for another, and besides my boy sebastian is a stud. Didn’t you see him nailing that female in the first season so im sure he is not gay at all.

      • No. I kind of agree with Shuwa about there relationship!

        Cos if Sebastian want Ciel soul, why didn’t he took it when he has opportunity to do so. But waited for Ciel to say “Why didn’t you take my soul” (at the final episode of the season 2) and Sebastian reply with a statement of waiting to confirm if Ciel is a demon or still a human. Then isn’t that means that Sebastian is ATTACHED to Ciel in someway. It may not be a GAY relationship stuff but probably master-servant attachment. HOWEVER please considered that the author of this MANGA is a YAOI/BOY LOVE WRITER! So if this was the ATTACHMENT FEELING of not wanting to KILL/TAKE AWAY Ciel SOUL, because Sebastian harbor feeling for Ciel, then I guess it reasonable.

        Querby >> I know lots of gay manga and gay friends who does the same thing (nailing female) even if they have a boyfriend. So therefore its kind of acceptable.
        “Their love is marked by conflict and bound by contract. If Sabastian had taken Ceils’ soul, he would have lost Ceil forever. I think he realize that before he had the chance to kill Ceil before he turn into a demon. Maybe they can finally be free when they admit the love for each other.”

        I really LOVE this statement! Especially the BOUND BY CONTRACT, LOST CIEL FOREVER, AND REALIZE, cos from what I’m reading since the beginning of the comment. Everyone just want there feeling to be satisfy, and happy ending should always solve it. But MANGA/ANIME almost always have a TWIST!

        AND I do agree with everyone else of the 3rd Seasons being make, cos this is left undone and unsatisfied for everyone whom is a FAN of this Manga/Anime. I am to a FAN of BOTH Sebastian and Ciel, though I like Sebastian more, I still think that as long as they are TOGETHER in the end, I accept it!

        By the way I’m thinking that maybe the reason they left it like that was to show that Sebastian is somehow…CONFUSE? Like why didn’t I kill Ciel before he turn into a demon? Why did I reply back automatically when Ciel shouted that I [Sebastian] is his “Butler Forever”? That’s why Sebastian shows that faces at the final episode of season 2. And Ciel is probably satisfy now that he doesn’t have any more burden…Oh come on! He’s only 13 for christ’s sake! Don’t be to harsh on him! Remember when he say he’s free from the burden at the end, I’m thinking that now he probably gonna enjoy having Sebastian as a butler more than before because of the CONTRACT that’s why he’s making that wicked face!

        I agree I’m not impress with Ciel twist personality too! But after analyzing…I only came up with the fact that Ciel finally gain his freedom (from the burden) and now that he have Sebastian as a Demon butler forever. He can act like a normal rich kid with the Master-Servant relationship with no worrying his Soul would be taken!

        Well that’s what I came up with. Sorry if it’s to long! Cos I’m also un-satisfy too! Thats why expressing it out like this is the only way for me to get over with it!

        Please don’t’ get mad at me for saying too much! And for being confusing (if by any chance my comment is confusing). I just want to see if my ideas was correct! Please reply if something I say was kind of WEIRD or CONFUSING or …getting on your nerve….

        • Hahahahahahaha, NO. If they make Ciel and Sebastian gay, I’m already pissed off about the second seasons ending, I will loose all fandom for Black Butler what so ever. I can understand them in love like a brother kind of way, but I don’t think a lot of fans of Black Butler will want to see them GAY. Any way, I didn’t like season 2 at all. I just didn’t see the point in Aloise, Hannah, Trancy, and Claud. They should of just ended it in season 1. I was fine with how season 1 ended. It seemed reasonable.

          • Well, even if you don’t want them gay, that’s how it was originally meant to be xD the mangaka wanted it that way. And I’m all for it. I can not STAND Elizabeth. I wish they were gay xD

  13. I just finished the 1st season, I started watching the second one and lets just say unlike Ciel that other brat did not make a first impression. But nonetheless, I will give it a chance, i hope its as good or better than season 1.

  14. I just finished season two and I need to rant. I’m so upset. I mean, I get that Ciel is still alive and Sebastian and him are together and all but its so disappointing! Ciel is a demon, and he’s just lacking something that he had as a human. I fell in love with this anime and these two characters, so it makes me extremely sad to see things not working out correctly. Sure, I’m happy that Ciel isn’t nonexistant and devoured and whatnot, but that doesn’t mean I’m thrilled that Sebastian doesn’t get his soul. Its unfair in the utmost. I think a better ending would be if Sebastian had gotten a little bit of Ciel’s soul… -.- Damn Claud. He’s so stupid and needy, and he took over Ciel’s body. Thats also something that gets me mad. They need to make a season three just to smooth out everything that happened. What happens to Sebastian and Ciel’s relationship? Does Ciel ever enter into contract? What happens to the servants left behind? Is there some way to return to being human (hey, I can dream right?)? I really hate when a series ends in an unfulfilling way. I’m very attached to the characters, so I feel so frustrated and sad. I want to cry. :( Well, I feel a bit better getting that out.

  15. What the heck? I, didn’t like that ending. Not at all. I like Sebastian and I like Ciel, and the second season completley ripped off both of them. They turned Ciel into a demon, a demon which in his right mind he wouldn’t want to be, and now Sebastian is stuck with him for all eternity and he can’t even eat his soul. Ciel did want Sebastian to do that, though, and now that he is a demon, he dosen’t care about the same things he used to. And making Sebastian only say one thing forever, thats mean, even for demon-Ciel. ‘Yes, my lord.’ But the main thing that I want to know, is WHY IS LAU STILL ALIVE? I thought he was fataly wounded and then died while the ship was detroyed. I mean, I guess he could have gotten away, but . . . So, I guess I hope they’ll make a 3 season, and fix they’re mistakes!

    • i agree totally with you! Ciel seems to be a bit ignorant and cocky since he became a demon. He isnt like the old Ciel. He seems more laid back and prepared to make Sebastian do everything. As for the saying one thing forever……………thats just wrong! Sebastian should have finished what he started wehn he almost killed him when they in the water in the last episode

  16. in the anime, Sebastian mentions that Claude snatched Ciel’s soul because the contract between Ciel and Sebastian was void when Sebastian lost his arm with the mark of the contract. I dont know if it will work the same since Ciel is a demon now, but what do you do when you want to make a contract void? DESTROY IT OR PART OF IT.
    Sebastian should try what occured in season 1. He should cut of the arm with the contract. Or take out Ciel’s eye. I dont know. Im still highly upset by the fact the Sebastian is Ciel’s butler forever. Not only is Sebastian starved, and not happy by the idea, Ciel’s seems to be a bit ignorant and cocky now that he’s a demon. Who would want to put up with that? I hope there is a season 3! DEFINATELY!!!

  17. damn fuck that alois kid sebastian did nothing to him yet he would make him suffer damn him he should have just mind his own fucking business

  18. The following is a rant:
    I finished all of the second season in one day (BIG mistake) on FUNimation’s Youtube channel, all subbed. Initially, I was skeptical about the second season and the new characters but they really added to the story. While watching the last episode, I could not stop crying. Really. Especially when Sebastian became demon-Ciel’s eternal butler. I really wanted Sebastian to get his soul but at the same time, I wanted the dynamic duo to stay together
    (I LOVE them <3). I guess it marks an amazing anime when the viewer's emotions are played with. (I sometimes felt like punching the screen when a twist was introduced.)
    I'm not kidding when I tell you that my heart felt like it was made out of lead at the end. I had to watch Hetalia to cheer myself up (it didn’t work… well, a little).
    All in all, I cannot wait until FUNimation releases the dubbed version (J. Michael Tatum is awesome!) even if it means having my heart turn to lead a second time.

    I agree fullheartedly with the idea of a 3rd season, even if it’s 4-5 episodes. Mnemosyne was a 6-episode anime and it was amazing for a short series. As long as some treatment can be given to the hundreds of broken hearts out there and some rough edges can be smoothed.
    Man… even if I’m reminded of what happened in the finale, I get all frustrated.

  19. I honestly liked the way season II ended. Maybe I am the only person? I think it would be cool if there was a season III and Sebastian had to teach Ciel how to be a demon. Although it would be very humorous. What I didn’t like about the second season was that Luca and Alois died. o.o I was happy Claude died….he was an ass. XD I was not a fan of him.

    Although since Ciel lost his soul he did seem totally lifeless which made me upset since Ciel is my favorite character. But then there was the SebaCiel side of me that was like SEBACIEL MADNESS! Yea, so the two were together in the end I still found it sad. It was better than Ciel being eaten. I dunno why, but it sounds too depressing to me. I don’t want Ciel to die. Yes, Sebastian would be happy and fed, but come on! Sebastian is going to miss serving under him I am sure. XD He does too much for that kid and we all know Sebastian is a bit of a pedo….and….some fetish with cats.

    The anime all in all turned out good for me….although I want to see the next season with more sebaciel and some kick ass demon scenes! Whooo! If you think about it, Sebastian and Ciel being demons would be amazing. *___*

    I keep ranting. I’ll stop there.

    • Aiya I totally agree with you!!!

      I agree it was better than Ciel being eaten! And Sebastian would totally miss serving under him!! Cos they’re together for a really long time!! And Yep SebaCiel side!!! (>//////>> TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Okay. So I just finished the 2nd season in a matter of 2 days and to be quite honest I was so surprised with how it ended and at first I couldn’t quite figure out how I felt about it. It’s like I was torn between two different feelings. On one side, I have to agree with most of you. I was incredibly upset with the ending. I couldn’t believe that after all that time and effort Sebastian put into bathing, dressing, feeding, protecting, and just taking Ciel’s crap in general all for the sake of eating Ciel’s soul and not being able to obtain it in the end was just absolutely ridiculous! And not only that but also having to remain demon Ciel’s butler forever?! I mean as much as I didn’t want Ciel to die (he was my second favorite character after Sebastian) my heart went out to Sebastian! You could tell by the way he looked in the final episode that he wasn’t happy with the thought of being Ciel’s butler forever. On the other hand, I felt somewhat content with the ending mainly because Ciel was alive. But at the same time I felt very unsettled with the fact that Ciel wasn’t even human anymore, therefore all the cares he had before vanished. It was the old Ciel we all fell in love with, not this carefree, cocky, demonic Ciel. So I guess in conclusion to all of this, I was very uneasy about the ending. I was still very unclear about numerous of things (for example the contract between Sebastian and Claude and how did Sebastian get mixed up with being the demon who killed all of the citizens in Alois village?) As for the new characters, I thought they added a little more to the show, however, Alois’s character annoyed me more than ever but after awhile I was somehow able to understand why he was the way he was. I mean he was defiled in front of a creepy old pedophile for heavens sake! As for Claude, I had always hated him from the start and always knew he would never measure up to the devilish good looks and just overall awesomeness of Sebastian. I didn’t much care for the purple haired triplets either and as for Hannah, I couldn’t help but loathe her a little bit for just making things more complicated for Sebastian. All in all though I loved this anime show! Fantastically clever and eerily dark, episode after episode I fell more and more in love with the plot line and the characters. I loved the relationship dynamic between Sebastian and Ciel and if they do make a 3rd season I’m going to miss that (due to the fact that Ciel isn’t the same person anymore). I kind of hope they do make a 3rd season for I’m a little unclear about multiple things (what happened to Ciel’s servants? And Lady Elizabeth?) and it really would sadden me if the it ended the way it did. The 2nd season was good, but I think even if they had just left the 1st season as it was it would have been a little more settling only because the only thing you would need to assume is that Sebastian obtained Ciel’s soul. Other than that there wouldn’t have been too many more unanswered questions. That would have been enough for me. If they do make a 3rd season though I am interested to see how it plays out.

  21. There has been a leak recently from an anime convention that a season three will be happening. It is supposed to take place in a PhantomHive Hotel. I hope ciel gets returned to human because 1.New ciel sucks and 2. Sebastian is awesome and deserves that tasty soul.

  22. I wonder, looking back on the ending now, if Ciel isn’t really just as unhappy about the arrangement as Sebastian. He did ask him why he didn’t kill him when he had the chance before he reawakened as a demon, and it was with a touch of bitterness that he noted that Sebastian always had to be accurate as a butler before proceeding. After all this time of offering up his soul, Ciel might really be just as annoyed at not being able to give it to Sebastian and might be taking it out on him with the humiliation factor. As sophisticated of a 13 year old he is, he is/was still only 13. I can only hope that in season 3 Ciel and Sebastian get past that initial anger at Alois and his demons for ruining things and stop being so passive-aggressive to one another, since they have no one else to take it out on.

    • I agree on that one…. it can’t be help that Ciel is a cocky prick now… since he DID lose his human emotion along with his soul that fateful day

    • okay, you make a rally good point, but he was doing a lot more than just being mean to sebastian. what about the last dance with lizzie? stupid B****** totally was teasing her with that stupid fake smile of his! and laughing, telling his servants to burn the house! jumping into the depths of the underworld like the arrogant prick he is was NOT a way to end! until season three comes out, which it probably will, i will wallow and be totally boring, because it cant end like this! watch them read these adn be like, “HA! in your faces, we made your lives hell! heres twelve more episodes, with an ending even worst than the last one!” (not that THATS possible!)

  23. Season2 was OK but i did not like the fact that sebby didn’t get Ciel’s soul after all that hard work. After that ciel started acting arrogant that ticked me off and how he just said he was dead to everyone he seemed so lifeless -.-Anyhow sebby also seemed sad and depressed and only to say one word for all eternity “yes my lord” Damn that’s nasty I hope he was joking (probably not ;( ). Now don’t get me wrong i like this anime but i was just expressing my opinion. :3 Peace

  24. Dammit… the ending suck!! poor poor sebby….
    *sigh*… I’m glad Ciel is alive.. I ADORE him but…but… Sebastian!! poor… thing

    but either way… don’t you think that if Sebby DID get Ciel’s soul…… he will be just as lonely?.. we all know that he grew fond of Ciel… heck even undertaker and Claude mention it…
    and definitely not Ciel’s fault really.. he DID order sebastian to eat his soul… don’t you think the start of season 2 when Sebastian regain his new arm he could have just pull Ciel somewhere dark and eat him?… why went through all that trouble of protecting Ciel again right?…
    … and Ciel.. even though he is a demon, he did ask sebastian why he won’t kill him while he has the chance to be free of the contract.. looks like our bocchan still have the heart (even though a little)


  25. If there IS going to be a 3rd season…I really hope it’ll be the LAST season and end happily without leaving us to stay up all night thinking about it! I know those are APPARENTLY the GOOD types, but I bet any Black Butler fan would want the same thing to happen!

  26. the ending of the season was sooooooo disappointing. i was flabbergasted with how they ended it. i love sebastian and ciel and i cant accept the fact that ciel had turned into a demon! and sebastian looked devastated with the result….oh poor sebby-chan! i hopw and wish that the season will be made and will answer all the questions roaming, floating and wracking my brain…

  27. i love the ending it was defiantly unexpected , something new . it ,makes your mind race and think what happened to everyone! Did they buy his fake death notice? do they go is they go and and pursue Ceil? What and who do Ceil and Sebastian meet? what challenges will they face? Is the anime just a pull in to read the manga? what will the manga decide to do and how will the story differ in ending? personally i love the manga more but Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji did an amazing job as far as i am concerned
    if they do continue with the anime i hope two things will happen. 1) that they will not ruin it and make it into total mess and 2) the manga will follow its own path and have its own story /plot and ending. it keeps people more interested and have more to talk about.

  28. I positively loved the first season, hilarity and seriousness together. And I rather liked the ending, bittersweet and proper. The second season was fine. They could’ve done better, but not bad. Even if Grell broke the fourth wall. I could grasp what would happen, or the basics before it happend, so that disipointed me a tad. Alois was a pretty readable guy, sadly enough. Claude just… Well, I think I may have nightmares with him in it. And making Ciel a demon? I think that was a bit easy to figure out, once Hannah brought them to the island. Once she got on the subject of one killing the other, the slyness and tears showed it all. I don’t like Ciel being a demon at all. He is just to restless and only desires to explore. Now what would be very interesting, is if Sebastian finds a way to make Ciel human again. And they go through all the other hell placed stuff. I mean, there has to be more than just Angels, Demons, and Reapers.

    The one thing that annoyed me about the true, human and proud Phantomhive Ciel is that he had to always point out his life was sadder than others, through understandable.

    My favorite part of it all, of the evil fighting parts anyway, is the whole Queen arc, where Ciel and the Angel fight and all. I really do miss Ol’ Pluto.

    One of my favorite animes so far. Ciel, I hope he is reincarnated or becomes human again. It would be very interesting.

    I can’t help but wonder… How will the servants of Phantomhive live? I mean, there master suddenly remembers everything, and now he’s a completely diffrent person… Oh god. I don’t want to be near Lady Elizabeth when she discovers it.

    • I was a total fan of Black butler until I saw this end.

      Lets be honest, me too I was totally disappointed (great euphemism) with this ending and strangely, I was mad at Ciel for only one reason:

      Me- “The Hell with you Ciel?! So you are actually planning on leaving everybody that you know in this poor Earth, alone and disappointed. I mean, couldn’t you have fixed the stuff with Elizabeth and stayed, at least a little, with these great idiot of servants that made everyday more fun? And, well, I totally understand that you want to play a new game involving demon and all. But fixe your human problem first. Also, for God’s sake, don’t say me you will go with Seby in a happy-go-lucky adventure and fulfill fangirl’s dream of a homo/pedo relationship. That would ruin Sebastian’s class; because, for me, becoming a demonic, submissive, SM (I presume it would turn this way looking at their temper) and gay version of pedobear isn’t as quite attractive as being an intelligent,soul hungry and manipulative sexy jerk who doesn’t fall in love at all. Ho, and I forgot, Red/Pink eyes DON’T suit you. ”

      My only consolation was to see that Sebastian wasn’t happy and I expected he would remain mad and starts to do everything to go away from the “nice/ submissive” butler image and start becoming a funny asshole who plays (bad and ironic) pranks to Ciel to avenge himself from the dishonor he have to endure (especially if Ciel start to make contract too.)
      But my main problem remained, what the heck was supposed to happen to the servant. Aren’t they homeless? And who will actually hire these guys if not for the skills they display to kill, which mean they would come back to their sad life from before. Because, frankly, there isn’t anyone on this earth anymore to catch up the horrible mistakes they make in a kitchen (and everywhere else).

      So that is why instead on cursing the author for this horrible end, I started to think about what I would have liked. An finally understood the mess they (the creators) must have been through to end up with this. Because nobody want to let Ciel died, nor totally punish Seby (his end could have been worse, like being killed by Ash), and because Sebastian would be bored to hell if he actually lose his brat of a master (as he should be by losing the idiots).

      So I came back with my own (almost) perfect end:

      “Didn’t wanting to have another demon in the hand (especially as potentially badass as would be Ciel), the Reaper decided to declare him as a “interesting for the humanity” subject. Thus turn Ciel into a Shinigami, but only officially so that they won’t actually have to cope with him and because he still isn’t on their “Dead list”, and still expecting to find a way to avoid him from becoming a Shinigami or a Demon.
      Then they leave Ciel on Earth in the responsibility of Sebastian who is still tied by the promise “never go before eating me”. Ciel send Elizabeth with another guy. Never marry (maybe but I can’t imagine his wife, so….) and have to resolve mysteries while still having a lot of fun with the idiots and playing bad jokes on Sebastian like “lets make fun of this useless Demon who lost against a little child”. Then he dies and become a Shinigami (who wear blue lenses, because I love his blue eyes, and will probably look like a young adult). So because he have power, he will be more interesting and in addition, he will still have a job which will help him to keep a sight on an objective. Then because he still have a connection with a Demon, and was artificially turned into a Shinigami he will become kind of a special Shinigami with a demon for associate (Sebastian would change from the stat of butler into the one of an associate because one cannot introduce a Demon in a Shinigami house.) who will have to take care of problem between supernatural races .”

      So finally my end is not so different from before (Ciel stay as an investigator and Grell can even try to rape Seby), it just open new horizon, changes Ciel/Seby relationship into something more clear and maybe openly conflictual , would permit to fix the things about the persons he left on Earth, help us keeping Seby with a goal (he can eat and still have fun with someone without necessarily becoming a peon), impede Ciel from becoming a lifeless idiot, let Ciel doing what he is great for (which mean having problem), and well, even though I think it would be hard to be used to it, I want to see Ciel adult (and if fangirl want more between Seby and Ciel, at least the former won’t be nicknamed the laughable and lame pedodemon).

      So if you can’t sleep because of Black Butler’s end, do like me. Either expect from everybody things to turn interesting, either try to lighten things thinking how hard it is to find a good end and that finally, it is not that bad.

      *Snif. Seba-chaaaan*

      PS: What do you think of my wanted end? Worse that what it end up with? Because I struggled to find something acceptable (not involving Ciel or Seby death), except the one that already exist.

      PS 2: It is only my opinion but I think Ciel becoming a human again would turn the story to be boring (and maybe to repetitive.)

  29. I definitely have mixed feelings about the ending of Season 2… I was actually a little confused at first, until I did my research and I understand it now.

    I couldn’t be more pissed off at Hannah and Alois because they made the contract in the first place with Ciel being involved.

    However, I actually kinda like the idea of Ciel and Sebastian being in each other’s lives forever. Why? Not only for fangirlish reasons, but because throughout the anime I always saw them as brothers almost (their relationship kinda…).

    But I’m also kinda mad at the fact that Sebastian was made a fool of and after all those years with Ciel, he gets no soul to eat.

    I do have to admit, the ending of Season 1 wasn’t as bad as the ending of Season 2.

    Hopefully, if there IS a Season 3, it will change my mind. I actually had a feeling that I wouldn’t like the ending of Season 2, which if purposely why I waited until I finished it to watch the OVAs. They’ll hopefully make me feel better now.

  30. sigh….for me, just having watched all of season 1 and 2 in a matter of 5 days (it was alot to take in) i have to say i loved it…!…however season 2 ending,like some of you had me torn cuz even though i was happy that ciel and sebby got to stay together it was also heart wrenching to learn that after all the hard work of being a butler,body guard, and virtually a slave to his master sebby would not be able to recieve his part of the contract-ciel’s soul. poor sebby made such a sad face…and then being cursed to say yes,my lord to the new more arrogant, souless, demonic, ciel!…he’s not even the ciel im sure we all came to love. But despite all of this i would still like to see a season 3 in order to observe the new life of the 2 demons as well as new foes which im sure will arise and to also find out what happend to everyone who was left behind….also how will ciel and sebby’s relationship grow (fangurl moment XD)..or be tested? it would surely be interesting…

    • I feel like it would be very very amusing to see the new master-servant relationship. Now with no more delicious soul to eat, surely we will see many rebellious Sebby scenes where he tries his best to defy the 13-years-old-demonic-brat of a master. This is being sadistic, but I want to see him sigh again. As for his hunger, Sebastian can still resort to eating less delicious souls, no?

      Ho ho ho, if done correctly, Season III has the potential to be a demonically hilarious anime filled with pfff moments.

      I kind of want to see Ciel and Sebby fighting their little mind games. :D :D :D

      As for Elizabeth, my heart goes out for her… I wonder if she will take in those three idiots who are now left homeless. Well, with Finn, the cook, and Maylene’s help, Elizabeth will definitely be better protected.

  31. Just finished watching the second season. Didn’t quite care for the ending. I felt really bad for Sebastian. He didn’t deserve that punishment. It wasn’t like he tricked Ciel into making a contract with him; it was a fair trade. Then in the end not only does he not get his reward but he is forced to become a slave for eternity. Sebastian admits he doesn’t like his demise and is seen not smiling once throughout the end proving he was hollow. I think what annoyed me the most was Ciel’s attitude as a demon; almost like he was rubbing it in that Sebastian couldn’t devour his soul and that he had to be his butler for eternity. So in the end Ciel turns into an arrogant brat and Sebastian becomes a slave. Makes sense….

    • It wasnt ciel that tricked him in was jeliuse alois with the help of Hannah he didn’t want anyone to get ciels soul so he had Hannah make him a demon then ciel died reborn as a demon no soul no heart a demon

    • how to agree with you more? no idea!!!!! ciel not only rubs it in sebastians face but makes a huge deal by telling everyone hes dead, teasing elizebeth with “one last dance” and freaking makinf fun of the situation by telling everyone, burn it if you want, while laughing! the goddamn jerk was totally like, Oh yeah, im gonna live forever, with a butler, and i have powers, and you guys are peices of crap so do what you want and dont waste my time! GEEEEEZZZZZ! for three goddamn days after i watched the end, i was depressed, crying, and thinking of how to make it better. my friends got so annoyed, because talking to me always came back to back butler! stupid producers and writers! WORST, CRAPPIEST ENDING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to sound like a freaky, obsessed fangirl or anything, cuz im not! :’)

  32. Black butler shouldnt of ended like that SPOILER not only did sebastion not get the soul he deserves the soul that is supposed to be do good because of ciels hate but he also has to stay ciels butler for all eternity also that’s no ciel ciel died he was reborn without a soul demons dont have a soul or heart thats why sebastion sent out all those letter saying he died poor Lizzie that’s her future husband and poor prince soma he truly loved ciel what about the other workers at the manor meyrin Finn baldroy he left them saying do what you want with the manor burn it if you’d like they said no too many memories he said memory’s don’t matter in the end then he drove off they wher crying at the very end ciel said having u for all eternity is a blessing and sebastion said this is a curse ciel said from now on u only respond yes my lord then they jumped off the cliff into the underworld.

    • If it realy was ciel that sebastion had to serve forever I’d be ok with it because ciel is do nice but that demon is arrogant and annoying and I don’t like him once again poor sebby this broke my heart

  33. I agree with alot of people I abosolutly hated the ending I watched the ending last fall and I am still ticked about it I ask myself so many questions about the ending. I would love a season 3, I think it would make perfect sense to make because maybe they made it like that to leave the fans questioned and unsatisfied to, later on, make a season 3 to answer all the questions. Hopefully I am right!

  34. Hm.
    Although there are a lot of questions I would like answered, I think a Season 3 would be overkill. At that point, I’d feel like they’re just trying to keep it going. I do however, dislike the ending. I’m not sure whether I’m happy or sad, as many others have said, I just know that I don’t like it…
    …They did mention that demons don’t typically like one another, and more so, Sebastian isn’t thrilled about starving. They didn’t show enough of Ciel post ‘demonization’ for the viewers to really see whether or not he’s an arrogant jerk or the same kid he was before…a typical Ciel would find it all amusing, and they DID show that.

    I do however, really want to know where it is they’ll be going. Hell? Back to Earth? Even purgatory? That annoys me to be honest -.-

  35. its been two years no season 3 PLEASE IF THERE IS ANY NEWS REPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. i hope they would have season 3 but ciel can never be human again. on the invitation and presents it said he was dead so i guess he has to live as a demon. i guess that would be boring but also interesting to see what he would do there. Also i would love to see outside charaters’ stories about their life. it would be amazing :D

    • Okay, hold it hold it HOLD IT!!! I just finished the first season and I’m VERY Confuzzled! (Confused) Er, what happened? I thought, er, in the um episode 24, Ciel’s soul seemingly was taken, Sebastian seemed to be finished with being Ciel’s butler, Pluto (I LUV PLUTO) Was killed, the entire city of London was burned down for goodness sake, and Oh my god! Then all of the sudden, season 2 appears, and everything is all fine and dandy? I mean, I’m super glad Pluto’s back, but What the bloody hell just happened? It makes no sense! These descriptions aren’t really helping, so could somebody explain this PLEASE!? DX If you explain it well, you get a cookie. :3

  37. Okay, Just finished the last episode thingy where Ciel became a demon, and what’s up with…huh? what? Are you saying we’re never gonna get to see Finny or Mey-rim again? Please tell me Finny will still be there! What the heck is happening here? I just don’t understand this madness!

  38. even though i love ciel and sebastian. all i ever wanted was sebastian to eat ciel’s soul. Sure i’d be sad that ciel is gone but for real, sebastian needed that. Also, if the rumors are true and they do kill grell off, then my death scythe will come out. Grell and his adsurdness is what makes this the best.

    also as a side note, the one character i hated in season 2 was claude. he sucks as a butler, he keeps stealing sebastian’s line and ciel’s soul. that’s not even fair. and his expressionless face.

  39. I just finished season 2 and to be blunt i am completely mind fucked. I understand the plot line and the surprise twist for an ending. I am in hopes that a season 3 will be made as I hope I can accept the ending. Although I say with a heavy heart this season has made my desire to re watch this season vanish. I can say im in denial that Ciel is a demon and Sebastian was made in a pawn so to speak. I still love Black Butler with my heart and do hope season 3 can erase my confusion and doubt that stands with season 2.

  40. Can I write something, altough this is from 2010? Gah, I just do, I have to calm my tits. I am just so confused by that ending. I mean, I understood everything just fine, but it still leaves a “?” in my head. First, I loved Alois, I REALLY FUCKING ADORE HIM, I WANT TO PET HIM! So, I cried in Season 2 more than I did in Season 1. And I cried so much in that Anime, it’s unbelievable, usually I’m not the cry-baby-type. Well, I was really sad when Claude killed Alois. And mad. And it made me hate the character, respect story-writer. Grr I’m just talking shit, like I said, I’m so freaking confused. I had a “:O”-face, while the story ended. The thing that’s making me sad the most is Sebastian. Srsly, I can’t get that face and the “I am your butler, for all eternity”, the whole last minutes..xx ,.. Lol, I even hate Alois now a little bit, but only a little bit ♥ I think I’m just going to read the manga and hope it won’t make me cry that much xD One thing I gotta say, In my opinion, Black Butler was the best Anime I ever watched. And I had it for years on my computer and just watched it know -.- Whatever, I don’t know if I can sleep tonight, so much confusion (TAT)

    • So I just watched the ending and I am so upset. I totally agree with u guys, although I love both ciel and Sebastian I always wanted Sebastian to eat ciel’s soul. I always pictured the ending though, after it was spoiled that ciel became a demon which didn’t bother me, but I pictured Sebastian eating his soul as planned but then missing the kid, as it seems he is somewhat attached to him in a way other than the contract. So then he would turn ciel into a demon as well and he wouldn’t be a butler to him anymore but they’d become more like friends. They’re just both so perfect and Sebastian didn’t deserve that at all!! :,,( but on the side of my opinion of season 2 I actually thought it was a cool idea. I hated alois in the beginning but after his fight with ciel he seemed a bit more matur to me so I didn’t mind him and I was actually happy that he was reunited with hisbrother. And I also didn’t mind Claude but I hated that he stole Sebastian’s line!! >:( this season thought showed more of Sebastian’s demonic side though which I loves. In the first season up until the near end, he almost gives a feel that he actually cares about ciel in a way even though we all know he just wanted his soul but this season showed that. And the deal with Claude was so evil and their desire for ciels soul was just an eerie feel that really showed the more evil side of the demons. But all in all, I cried so hard when they left the servants and all of their friends. Its so awful especially the prince and his servant and ciels servants. I don’t know why ciel had to leave though. I would have much preffered them staying at least. But if a third season is made, I hope they show Sebastian and ciel working together and I hope they develop more of a friendship since to me their personalities work really well together and I also hope Sebastian is eventually freed from the contract somehow. Sorry I just had to express that. Its so long :( I hope season three comes! Poor Sebastian though, that was really terrible that he didn’t get ciels soul at the very least ;,/

  41. Firstly, it is 20-fricken-13. There is not going to be a third season. Stop bawling over how much you want it; it’s not coming. Ciel becomes a demon and Sebastian remains his butler forever. The end. No amount of “I REALLY HOPE THEY COME OUT WITH A SEASON THREE.” is going to make it come. So stop it.

    I honestly think Ciel as a demon has become a little brat and I have no qualms with Sebastian trying to kill him before he wakes up. I would have done it too. I mean, he abandons his family, friends, everything, and for what? The stupid kid doesn’t even know where he wants to go in the end. He does it simply because he’s immortal and doesn’t need a life anymore.

    He’s completely inconsiderate of how much humiliation and work Sebastian willingly did for a soul he was promised to keep. How long has it been since Sebastian ate a soul? And do you think, with the cocky attitude Ciel has, that he’ll let the guy eat one? No. So eventually poor Sebastian will go insane with hunger and probably still not be allowed to eat anything because Ciel is a cocky little twat.

    I loved the ending. It left you with such a sense of pity.

    But I hate Ciel.

  42. Hahaha its already 2013 and the ending still bugs me so i came back here to release that frustration First of all this is that brat Alois fault of why sebastian is is suffering from hunger now. Damn that brat he did’t have to include poor sebastian he could have just done that only to claude. Ciel was willing to give out his soul and that fvcking Aloois just had to ruin their relationship!! I now its already 2013 but im not losing hope for a season 3 if not im fine its a great ending leaving so much questions to be answered but also irritating.

  43. That ending was a shocker. I cant believe it , that im having a hard time accepting it. Seriously , after all of sebastians hard work of helping Ciel, and getting him back ,it ended with him having no soul to eat and bound to serve thr demon ciel for all eternity. This just hurts my heart , seriously what a plot twist. I hope theres season 3 or else, ill end up crying, with a pain in ny chest. Sorry folks, as you can see im a big otaku (: and im proud..

  44. as much as I hate to admit it I dnt think its likely there will be a season 3 especially because of the live action….guess we cant expect both sadly….

  45. “What will happen in the new world?”

    I honestly couldn’t care less. This is a God awful, miserable and depressing show with mediocre writing and a plot that is completely dull and unoriginal.

    I felt nothing for the main characters, and actually hated Sebastian. Every time he came on my screen, I just wanted to punch him in the throat. I understand what the series was trying to do, but the premi9se falls unbearably flat and was just a frustrating chore to watch. I hate myself for giving this series twelve more undeserved half-hours of my time.

    They can do a 3rd season, by all means. I, however, will not be watching it.

  46. I’m actually satisfied with the end of season 2. The whole series was about corruption, rather than redemption. Ciel does turn into a bit of a dick. His hatred and entitlement have been fueled by Sebastian for the demon’s own benefit, but in the end it kinda back-fires. Also, I thoroughly enjoy Sebastian and Ciel’s relationship. I’m sort of happy they’re stuck with each other for all eternity. I liked the story, idea, and end of this anime. I will gladly accept a seaspn 3 so I can watch more Bassie, but I’m okay with this ending. From the beginning, it wasn’t going to be a happy or predictable ending.

    • Ciel’s also pretty impulsive so I doubt he decides to stuck with the “sever all ties with my human friends” plan. I think the point of the ending was, hey sebastian is motherf-ing demon and this kid is a sad, tortured, spoiled soul. life will never be good for them (human or demon) but they’ve found an odd sort of bond with each other so at least there’s that… yeah…

  47. I’m still in tears over this show. Anything from the opening to the ending sequence can make me sob. Don’t even mention that enchanting music.

    The second season was dazzling. Claude, well, I didn’t have much of an opinion about him. I didn’t very much like Hanna, but I’m grateful that she gave Alois love and reunited him with his much missed little brother. Alois was my favorite character besides Grell and Finnigan. I loved his story.

    As for that ending, I was upset over the fact that Sebastian and Ciel left everyone, but I wasn’t very upset with the fact that Sebby can no longer eat Ciel’ s soul. Bassy is a grown demon, he won’t go sulking and whining over it.

    Over all, Black Butler was the best anime I’ve yet watched. I shall now go and try not to cry over it anymore. Perhaps some Attack on Titan will ease my pain.


  48. Yes, I know i’m late to the 2010 party, but I had to say it- Kuroshitsuji season two was nothing like season one because S2 was basically fanservice. S1 had a satisfying end with Ciel’s vengeance upon the Queen/Angel complete; the end of S2 just leaves incomplete plot holes and a bitter taste. I’m just glad that at least S2 wasn’t horribly stretched out to another 24 episodes with annoying fillers or the like.

    @ LA: I agree with your thought, To those hoping for S3, I really don’t think there will be nor should there be a season three after this, unless there is a stand-alone series that directly follows the manga which is looking very unlikely. Maybe more OVAs will be produced to milk out profits but that’s probably it.

    ( And I mean seriously, all that build-up and Claude dies b/c he slips?! Wth?!! )

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