Sometimes I’m Glad to Have My Personal Demons

I’ve been so busy with dealing with my not-insignificant demons, and dealing with my job (which has gotten much harder, thanks to the onset of winter and the onset of project year end and desperate people who leap before they think, leaving some others to clean up the mess… ANYWAYS), that I don’t have the time to engage with the sudden resurgence of Moon-wank. This appears to have saved me from a lot of grief.

Here are some links from unfunny_fandom.

My thoughts on the basis of the matter can be divined from here and here.

Fortunately, I have no time for you, Elizabeth Moon, and life moves on. I only wish the Wiscon committee would actually say what the hell is going on. Or have a plan, because obviously whatever plan they have/had is/was not a good nor solid one.

But no more Wiscon wank for me. I shall simply be awesome. Or really busy fighting dragons.