Bento Bento Bento!

Quite a lot of bento I haven’t posted yet. Oh insanity.


I was running low on ideas and sanity at this point in time, so lunch was a fruit salad. With more fruit on the side.

Fruit salad (pinova apple, d’anjou pear, dried cranberries, cashews, starthistle honey): 349 calories (it’s a LOT of fruit salad)
Some kind of pear on the side: 96 calories

Total: 445 calories


Fruit salad is great to resort to when out of ideas. So are leftovers. Man, I was desperate.

Fruit salad (apple, dried cranberries, pepitas, starthistle honey): 166 calories
Cheezy Rice Broccoli Casserole: 145 calories
Pear: 97 calories

Total: 408 calories


No picture, but here’s what I had on about 15 minutes of prep time:

Apple (whole, small cute gala): 55 calories
Cheezy Rice Broccoli Casserole: 145 calories
Corn: 66 calories
Rice: 121 calories (half a cup if you’re interested)
Aidell’s Chicken-Apple Sausage: 160 calories

Together: 547 calories


Without my foodie friend Cori, this bento would not have existed (and I wouldn’t have gotten into work). She’s awesome and I like her recipes.

Rice pilaf (white rice, TVP reconstituted in beef broth, pepitas, slivered almonds): 243 calories
Broccoli, microwave-steamed (so easy!): 8 calories
Cashews: 180 calories
Dried cranberries: 70 calories
Theo dark mint chocolate bar: 64 calories (1/6th of a bar, you see)

Together: 565 calories


I didn’t get help from Cori, so this is a much unhealthier lunch. :)

Rice pasta in a rice cooker: 255 calories (1 1/3 servings! Made with Rising Moon pasta sauce, which is nom and awesome)
Cashews: 180 calories
Panda puffs: 87 calories
Pepitas: 93 calories

Total: 615 calories (oof)


Cheezy Broccoli Tuna Rice Casserole: 159 calories
Cashews: 90 calories
Grapes: 55 calories
Pamela’s GF Cornbread (DF): 140 calories

Total: 444 calories


Rice: 121 calories
Aidell’s Portobello mushroom chicken sausages: 140 calories
Persimmons, pomegranates: 157 calories
Half of an apple: 31 calories
Grapes: 28 calories

Total: 477 calories


Pretty much the same as above, except the grapes are replaced by Pamela’s GF cornbread (made with margarine and still quite good).

Total: 607 calories (oofity oof)


No picture, because life hasn’t been very good lately.

Egg sandwich (egg beaten with 1 tablespoon unsweetened almond milk and curry powder, thinish slices of Pamela’s GF bread made with almond milk): 337 calories
Pamela’s GF cornbread: 140 calories
Half an apple, pomegranates: 70 calories

Total: 547 calories