10 thoughts on “2010.11.14

  1. I actually only write posts that only contain sad smilies when I can’t write anything else because I’m fucking depressed and on the verge of suicidal, if not all the way there yet.

    • *sits with*

      (Or, I would, but it says my comment is a “bit too short”.)

      Let’s try again.

      *Sits with, and brings cookies to share*

      • Hey there. Cookies are always welcome. As long as they’re gluten-free/wheat-free/dairy-free. :) *hugs* Thank you.

    • I’m very sorry to learn for sure that you were/are in such dire straits. Your response sounds like maybe you thought I was making light of your situation? If so, I apologize and regret the misunderstanding; I did figure things were bad, maybe very bad, but in the absence of specifics, I just went for generic comfort-phrases. And I couldn’t tell whether the absence of specifics meant a problem you didn’t want to reveal, or a problem that was crushing your ability to articulate.

      Anyway, I hope things improve for you soon. And please consider me to be seconding Jay’s and Tinker’s responses.

      • *hugs*

        I did think you were applying sarcasm, as those phrases have been levied by others in other forums in such a manner, but I’m glad you clarified things, and I apologize for my assumption.

        Life is just generally kind of crushing at the moment, and… well, it’s just been crushing. Probably not as bad as previous years, but argh.

  2. Tea? Flowers? Cookies? Hug-Transfer Protocol? Gentle humor? Wish I knew definitively what to send along. Thinking of you.

    • Better. Only now sweeping comments… apologies for the delayed response. It’s been somewhat a bad week for concentration.

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