What’s Been Happening: Pictures

1. Flu vs PTSD. They both have my number.

I uzed up alla my sick dayz, so I'z calling in ded today

2. I saved money up for a rainy day. I guess this is it.

3. Not that I want to, but hey. No other real choices here.

Crazy? I was crazy once...

4. Gluten Free Girl’s Chicken Soup

This is Gluten Free Girl’s Chicken Soup recipe.

The rosemary is the real savoriness here, and makes this soup like nothing out of a can (plus most chicken soups in cans or packets are definitely not gluten-free, and sometimes not dairy-free either).

Using a good chicken stock is best, although you can get by on less (and still be gluten-free).

Tinkyada spirals work extremely well, are gluten-free/dairy-free, and actually stay al-dente after you’ve fainted in the living room due to the heat of the kitchen.

Additional note: the serving size is huge (3 cups of chicken broth, even if it’s partly cooked down…), the sodium is scary unless you use a less-sodium broth, but it’ll last you for half the day if you’re 5’5″, slightly rotund, and too tired for much cooking. I used 6oz of chicken thigh, resulting in a ~600 calorie soup; use chicken breasts and a more sensible 4oz and you should clear ~500 calories easy.

5. By the way, the chicken…

By the way, if you’ve a lot of chicken that’s been thawing and you’ve found yourself suddenly too incapacitated to cook it in a normal way, I adapted this baked chicken recipe to the slow cooker so that there’s plenty of material for chicken soup the next day (and the next, and the next, and…):

  1. Rinse and pat boneless, skinless chicken breasts and/or thighs dry.
  2. Put in the crock pot.
  3. For each 8 oz of chicken, shake on 1/4 teaspoon onion power, 1/4 teaspoon garlic salt, fresh ground black pepper to taste.
  4. For each 8 oz of chicken, prepare 1/2 cup chicken broth and pour it over the chicken.
  5. Put on the lid and turn slow cooker to low for 4 – 8 hours until done. Try not to overcook (the result is still usable, but the chicken becomes more pan-fried than not). Remember that a lot of modern slow cookers run a bit high even if they’re turned to low.
  6. Using slotted spoon, or some kinda spoon, take chicken outta broth and into lock & lock container or tupperware or whatever. Into fridge. Now you have 3 – 5 days to use it instead of 24 hours.

Would I do this to boneless, skinless turkey meat? Why yes. Yes I would. Although probably I’d use a veggie broth and it might take longer.